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Buckwheat Zydeco
Down Home Live
Thanksgiving At El Sid O's


01 - Soul Serenade (Bucks Intro) - 6:14
02 - What You Gonna Do? - 10:57
03 - Hard To Stop - 7:33
04 - Walking To New Orleans - 8:40
05 - Trouble - 6:59
06 - Make A Change - 5:45
07 - Put It In The Pocket - 5:29
08 - Out On The Town - 8:12
09 - Beast Of Burden - 13:00


Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural, Jr. (accordion, Hammond B-3, electric keyboard, lead vocals)
Lee Allen Zeno (bass, master of ceremonies)
Michael Melchione (guitar)
Sir Reginald Master Dural (rubboard)
Kevin Menard (drums)
Curtis Watson (trumpet)
Gray Mayfield (sax)
Paul "Lil' Buck" Sinegal (guitar)
Melvin Veazie (guitar)
Calvin Landry (trumpet)
Paul Wiltz (Sax)




 Live from Louisiana's Creole Country comes Buckwheat Zydeco’s "Down Home Live!," the first-ever live album of zydeco's best-loved ambassador, Buckwheat Zydeco. "Down Home Live!," is a record of rollicking good times tracked in the intimate confines of El Sid O's Zydeco & Blues Club during a hometown break for the barnstorming bandleader's annual Thanksgiving show in Lafayette, La.

Blues Access, in a cover story and lead review, said: "The good-natured energy that literally pops off of this disc immediately makes you wish you had been at El Sid O’s to witness the show in person. But you’ll be glad to have this document of the event that catches not only every feel-good note but the essential ‘vibe’ of the evening as well ... it’s impossible to resist being caught up in the sheer sense of fun and release (it) draws you into."

From the powerhouse dance floor boogie of "What You Gonna Do?" to the majestic soul of Dural's brilliant reading of "Beast of Burden," the band does it all. The group even revisits their inventive reworking of Fats Domino's "Walking to New Orleans" and Dural's reggae-tinged zyde-soul anthem "Make A Change."

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others have called Buckwheat Zydeco "one of the best party bands in America," and now music fans need venture no farther than their CD players to find out what all the fuss is about.

" Down Home Live!" showcases the show-stopping dynamics that've turned countless curious listeners and concert-goers into full-fledged zydeco fanatics. This is also the disc the converted have been waiting for, as it captures Buck’s irresistible personality, bottling the between-song patter, soaring solos and horn-driven workouts that are this legendary live act's trademarks.


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... The selection of music is comprised of old standards and new originals that illustrate the scope of Buckwheat Zydeco’s capabilities. While technical bravado is substantial, the group’s delivery allows us to play distant witness to a rare party. Down Home Live is incredibly fun, and will make you want to catch the first plane to Louisiana for some first-person interaction with one of the greatest performing units of the past thirty years ...