The Beauty of Birdsong

Les plus beaux chants d'oiseaux
The Beauty of Birdsong
Die schönsten Gesänge aus der Vogelwelt     
Jean C. Roché
France : Auvidis, p1987


01. Alouette lulu
02. Alouette des champs
03. Sirli du désert
04. Rouge-gorge
05. Rossignol progné
06. Rossignol philomèle
07. Merle noir
08. Grive musicienne
09. Hypolais icterine
10. Fauvette orphée orientale
11. Fauvette des jardins
12. Fauvette à tête noire
13. Corbeau-flûteur pie
14. Petit gobe-mouche bleu des collines
15. Merle shama
16. Gonolek à ventre blanc
17. Merle à poitrine tachetée
18. Cossyphe de Ruppel
19. Cossyphe d'Heuglin
20. Cossyphe choriste
21. Cossyphe du Natal
22. Troglodyte musicien
23. Siffleur des montagnes
24. Grive des bois
Some musicologists believe that birdsong has had a large influence on the development of music.  Although the extent of this influence is impossible to gauge, it is sometimes easy to see some of the specific ways composers have integrated birdsong with music.


arvind said...

Hello Miguel!

A beautiful nook you have here, filled with birdsong and colour. :)

I'm loving the Nightingales, and waiting for this one to come down. We can do with a lot more of nature's music in this world and in our collections, for sure. Thanks!

Miguel said...

So glad you like the nightingales,
you will love the Alouette des champs
and more ... :)

sure there will be other birds too ..

one way we sometimes forget is simply to open the window ...


Anonymous said...

I've been listening to the birds singing for most of the afternoon and it felt like morning.even the cats came closer.
I tried to persuade them that not everything is for food and the best things in life are for aural pleasure.After looking at me stupidly they left.I was alone carried away.
the next thing i played (Dollar Brand solo piano)sounded like a bomb..
thank you bird master Miguel.

owlqaeda said...

wow miguel, we seemed to have been charting parallel courses as i just found out u had one of these thangs from arvind's comment. foolishly i hadn't yet dug yr profile. i am so happy to find more bird song & especially recordings from jean roche who is fabulous. of course u already saw or have the loons & the crickets & the frogs owl bet, but there's another one coming soon, or maybe a couple more. what we need to find too is more frog sounds, i know freemeaux has very tempting looking one called ay pays des grenouilles, but no luck. frogs are similar to birds in that they chirp ;oD much heart miguel. seaya in the winderness

Janas said...

Thank you very much, Miguel.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a new upload?

Miguel said...

Lets see what you have to offer...

Then I will start searching for the cd...

Anonymous is a nice name ;-)

robin said...

Not sure why my post showed up as anonymous. I am logged in.

How can I contact you to make contributions? I see no email anywhere.

Miguel said...

Hi robin :-)

Don't worry...

for your name alone I will repost...

but it might take a while...

keep coming to that tree



Miguel said...

Hola Robin!

It's done!

They sing again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Some other wonderful recordings here:

-- Robin

Miguel said...

Merci Bien :-)

See U...!