Chucho Valdés

just as a  piano is not just a piano
and  water is water and  thousands of rivers  and seas..
Cuba is Cuba and  thousands of  life's stories

Chucho Valdés


1     La Negra Tomasa
2     Delirio
3     El Manisero
4     Quiereme Mucho
5     Improvisaciones Sobre Temas de la Guantanamera y el Guayo de Catalina
6     Profecia
7     Mama, Son de la Loma
8     Babo de Nube
9     Cachita
10     Novia Mia
11     Linda Cubana
12     La Comparsa
nauma did you hear the harp on Quiereme Mucho :) 


This fairly obscure CD is a bit unusual for pianist Chucho Valdes (heard solo throughout) because he performs exclusively older material (most songs dating from the 1950s or before) and the renditions are quite concise. Only two of the dozen pieces exceed five minutes, and four are under three minutes in length. There are many beautiful melodies on the set including "Linda Cubana," "Guantanamera," "Son de la Loma," and Ernesto Lecuona's "La Comparsa." Valdes' loving variations uplift the delightful music.

~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide 

"Cuban music is not only for dancing: there is also concert music and Latin Jazz," - Chucho declared in a recent interview. According to Chucho, the true boom in Cuban music is owed to the Cuban son, "which contains the sound that opens and closes this century, being the one that is continually marching forward, more than salsa or timba."


nauma said...

my mind denied to leave Bashkortostan.
I listen now to Chucho playing the big Harp

nauma said...

so glad to see this beautiful smile
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