Son Con Corason
Las Estrellas Del Bolero Y Del Son

Discos Corason/Discmedi


01. Cuarteto Oriente -  Mueve la cintura mulata
02. Las Perlas Del Son -  Lágrimas negras
03. Cuarteto Patria -  A una conqueta
04. Trío Iglesias -  El manicero
05. La Negra Graciana -  La guacamaya
06. Armando Garzon -  Un minuto de tu amor
07. Cuarteto Patria -  Pena
08. Las Perlas Del Son -  Besame mucho
09. Melodias Cubanas -  Juramento
10. Cuarteto Patria -  Chan Chan
11. Armando Garzon -  Capullito de albelí
12. Sones De Oriente -  Castellano
13. Conjunto Santiago Tuxla -  La bamba
14. Eliade Ochoa Y El Cuarteto Patria  -  Mi pobre corazón

Discos Corason is a Mexican independent record label which finds, records, produces and promotes great traditional music from Mexico, the Caribbean and Africa.

Most of the musicians have never previously made a recording and working with Corason has sometimes brought them considerable national and international acclaim: Cuban guitarrist Eliades Ochoa, Mexican harpist La Negra Graciana, the Huastecan trio Los Camperos de Valles and the country violinist Juan Reynoso all began their international careers with their first CDs recorded and promoted by Corason.

In 1968 Eduardo Llerenas, at that time studying for his PhD in biophysics, began to travel all over Mexico with a group of friends, listening to countless traditional musicians in villages, ranchos and towns all over Mexico.

They developed a knowledge and a passion for the different styles of traditional music known in Mexico as son which they heard in the parties, homes and festivals of each of the regions that they visited.

Three years later, Llerenas, together with musician Baruj Lieberman and the maths professor and electronic engineer Enrique Ramírez de Arellano, began to make professional recordings of the most outstanding musicians that they heard. Inspired by the beauty of the music, they recorded the anonymous masters whose talent had not previously been recognized outside their own region. Despite being 'amateurs', the combination of a scientific training and a passion for the music ensured that the recordings were made to very high technical standards.

In 1981 Llerenas won the prestigious international prize, the Rolex Award for Enterprise, for his research and documentation of Mexican traditional music and two years later the three friends released the 'Antología del Son de México', a boxed set of six long play records that represented a sample of the recordings that they had made.

In 1976, motivated by their recordings of Mexican music, the three men began to travel to the Caribbean. The first countries that they visited were the Dominican Republic, Haití, Panamá, Belize, Costa Rica, Saint Kitts, Martinica, Guadalupe and Antigua. In 1985 Llerenas went to Cuba for the first time and, more than 15 years later, he continues to visit the island several times a year to record different styles of traditional music, especially Cuban son and bolero.

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