Horses 2

David Hykes / Djamchid Chemirani 
Windhorse Riders


1. Raised by a Power 8:49
2. Shaman's Column 7:41
3. Crossing Over 12:52
4. Right at the Time 2:46
5. Flock of Hands 3:38
6. Windhorse Riders 7:06
7. "... The Unknown, Now ..." 3:04
8. Just Between Ourselves 6:38
9. A Quiet Place in a Quiet Time 9:02

Total: 62:01   


Goblet Drum [Tabla] - Zameer Ahmed (tracks: 3 to 5, 7)
Goblet Drum [Zarb] - Djamchid Chemirani (tracks: 2 to 7, 9)
Voice - Eric Barret (tracks: 3, 4)
Voice, Tambura, Jew's Harp, Sampler - David Hykes (tracks: 1 to 4, 6 to 9)



"An exquisitely haunting disc of meditative music accompanied by subtle percussion."

CD Review: The Basic 50 Definitive
World Music Library

The Harmonic Chant is a contemplative musical discipline I founded, named and have been developing with fellow researchers since 1973. From the beginning, I have had just one real aim: to seek out a true, symbolic musical language, simple and universal, which could express the quest for contact with a level of being higher
than oneself.

This aim is certainly the heritage of the Harmonic Chant as found in Tibet and Mongolia, where I received my first inspiration. As an experimental filmmaker and musician, I was searching for a 'refracted' or 'prismatic' sound when I came across the sacred overtone chanting of the Gyuto and Gyume monks of Tibet and the traditional 'hoomi' singers of Mongolia, all of whom I worked or studied with thereafter. These singers, and their counterparts in Tuvan Russian, each produce in their chanting several notes at the same time, that is, a fundamental note and one or more soaring harmonics, or overtones, of the fundamental note.

I was inspired -- reminded, one could say -- by the sounds of these monks, shamans and singers to learn to chant in the same way. My aim and inspiration was to bring to life a new, global sacred music emanating from this most basic music universal - the harmonic series - present in all vocal or instrumental sound. The harmonic series is to sound what the color spectrum is to light.

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