Imamyar Hasanov
Undiscovered Treasure
Kamancha of Azerbaijan


01. Tofig Guliyev Ilk Bahar
02. Aria From Sevil Opera
03. Dance From Legend of Love Ballet
04. Adagio From Legend of Two Hearts Ballet
05. Lullaby
06. Rapsody in Chahargah Mugham
07. Improvisation On Azeri Traditional Mugham Bayati Shiraz
08. Improvisation On Azeri Traditional Mugham Chahargah

Imamyar Hasanov : kamancha
Svetlana Aliyeva : piano
Ali Reza Analouei : dumbek (percussion)
Naser Khorasani : ghaval (percussion)



Featuring one of the best classical music masterpieces from composers of Azerbaijan and traditional azeri mugham improvisations.
Kamancha plays an important role in Azerbaijani folk ensemble as a violin does in a symphonic orchestra. This instrument played with a bow is widespread amongst Eastern and Central Asian peoples under variety of names.

The earlier Kamanchas found in Azerbaijan were made of pumpkin and the wood of nutmeg and decorated with ivory. The one stringed and two stringed kamanchas are thought to be descendents of the ancient Azerbaijani instrument, Gopuz played with a bow.

Kamancha also appears in medieval Azerbaijani literature as well as traditional miniatures. One of the most famous members of the 16th century Tabriz school of miniature, Mir Saeed Ali depicts Kamancha among other instruments in his miniatures.

The medieval musical analyst, Abdul Qadir Maraghai has specifically mentioned Kamancha among other instruments of the period.

Nizami Ganjavi has mentioned Kamancha in his famous epic of "Khosrov and Shirin".

Kamancha reached its highest level of popularity in 19th century, connected with development of Azerbaijan's khanande art (modal improvizations by folk singers).


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