Kyrgyzstan 2

Salamat Sadikova
The Voice of Kyrgyzstan

1 Ay Nuru (Moonlight) (2:30)   
2 Keçki Eskerüü (Late Remembrance) (5:22)   
3 Qïzïl Gül (Red Flower) (3:47)   
4 Parizat (Angel) (5:32)   
5 Ayïl Kechi (An Evening in the Village) (2:41)   
6 Sagïndïm Tuulgan Jer Sení (I Miss You, My Birthplace) (3:36)   
7 Güldörayïm (My Güldöray) (2:50)   
8 Qosh Jan Erkem (Farewell, My Pampered Love!) (4:19)   
9 Gülgün Jash (Happy Youth) (4:16)   
10 Keremet Batkenim (My Magnificent Batken) (4:06)   
11 Esiñdebi (Do You Remember?) (2:36)   
12 Süyüü Jazï (Spring of Love) (2:56)   
13 Tüshümö Seni Kirse Deym (I Wish to See You in My Dream) (3:24)   
14 Jamgïr (Rain) (4:15)   
15 Sanat-Nasïyat Ïrlarï (Song of Advice) (4:29)   
16 Aytsañ Bolo (Please Tell Me) (4:15)   
17 Toodogu Ayïlïm (My Villiage in the Mountain) (4:40)   
18 Agu-Güy (2:55)   
19 Kïrgïz Jeri (Krygyz Land) (3:35)  


The Voice of Kyrgyzstan:

Salamat Sadikova is the favorite traditional singer of the Kyrgyz people. Her robust voice, capable of holding notes for a seemingly superhuman duration, brings an earthy dignity to old folk songs and contemporary folk-style compositions. Here are the first recordings of Salamat Sadikova to appear in the West. On 17 songs, she accompanies herself on komuz (three-stringed Kyrgyz lute). On two others, she is accompanied by the orchestra of the Kyrgyzstan's national folk music ensemble, Kambarkan. This 72-minute CD is augmented by an illustrated 16-page booklet with an artist biography and song translations.

   "Astonishing" was Grammy-winning roots music producer and historian Lawrence Cohn's initial one-word reaction to these recordings. "Salamat doesn't sound exactly like anyone I've heard, but she reminds me of some great ladies. I once had the opportunity to hear the legendary fadista, Amalia Rodrigues, perform in Paris. I also produced a reissue series of the complete recordings of [classic blues diva] Bessie Smith. All completely different singers, of course, but for power, soulfulness, and sensuality, this woman from Kyrgyzstan is a kindred spirit to them."


Ay nuru ('Moonlight' - traditional)

Moonlight falls upon us
My silver one, make my heart happy.
Let us value and cherish
The young life ahead of us!

Sunlight falls upon us
My golden one, make my heart happy.
Let us turn the young life
Ahead of us into flowers!
“Enjoy your life while you still have your petals, 
Don't let suffering spread in your body. 
Don’t exhaust the voice of the nightingale 
Singing beautifully in the garden.”

- from the traditional song “Qïzïl gül (Red Flower)” as sung by Salamat Sadikova


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