Joe Arroyo
Somos Seres
1. Somos Seres
2. Suave Brita
3. Todo De TI
4. Centurion De La Noche
5. Pa'l Bailodor
6. Simula Tibula
7. La Cocha
8. La Aldea Del Cocoreque
Joe Arroyo (full name Alvaro José Arroyo Gonzalez), son of Guillermo Arroyo and Angela González, was born on 1st November 1955 in Cartagena, a city of about 1 million inhabitants on the northern Colombian coast. Arroyo grew up in a poor family with no less than 39 siblings and half-siblings. Cartagena has a long history of being one of the most important ports when the spaniards conquered this part of South America in the 1600 century and is known for it´s beautiful arquitecture and scenic landscape right on the caribean coastline. Joe grew up here surrounded by all the latin and colombian music styles such as cumbia, son, tambores etc which all were to become part of his own musical repetoir later on. But also listening and getting inspired by salsa stars from outside of Colombia and artist from the New York salsa scene, artists like Richie Ray and Celia Cruz who both were some of his greatest idols.
The reputation always has it his own musical career started at the age of eight when he started singing in local strip clubs in Cartagena. But he was also part in for example the choir in the cathedral of Cartagena at the age of 12. And a local piano teacher and leader of a group who played at a hotel called "El hotel Americano" regonized his talent and beautiful, unic voice and singing style and brought him in to play with them and he ended up singing with the group for four years.
Until he in 1971 he was picked up as a singer for a group which later was to become the most famous salsa group of Colombia - "Fruko y sus tesos", lead by salsa-magician Julio Ernesto Estrada Rincon(nicknamed Fruko) and thus also became part of the most famous record company in Colombia, Discos Fuentes, which later also were to release a vast number of his solo records. 
  Biography    by Craig Harris
A diverse sampling of Caribbean music styles, including salsa, compas, merengue, reggae and soca, is fused into the dance-inspiring sounds of Colombia-born vocalist Joe Arroyo (born: Alvaro Jose Arroyo Gonzalez). A former member of leading salsa band, Fruko y sus Tesos, Arroyo has continued to blend musical influences with his own group, La Verdad (The Truth), since 1981.
Arroyo began his musical career at the young age of eight when he sang in a strip joint in his hometown of Cartagena. His first break came after he signed with record label, Discos Fuentes, in 1971, and was overheard by bass player, singer, composer and producer Ernesto Estrada, better known as Frugo, who recruited him for his band. Arroyo continued to work with Frugo for the next decade. Although he nearly died from a drug overdose in the early '80s, Arroyo recovered and began to attract attention with his own group, La Verdad.
"La Salsa Colombiana, la mejor!"

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