Jazz-Grass Ensemble

Pierre Verany - 1995


01. Sweet Georgia Brown
02. Dear Old Dixie
03. Whispering
04. Tico-Tico
05. Perle de Cristal
06. Yeux Noirs
07. Brazil
08. Oh, Lady Be Good
09. Take the "A" Train
10. Beaumont Rag
11. Blackberry Rag
12. Sweet Chorus
13. Salt Creek
14. Dawn and Day Way
15. Caravan
16. Medley: C'Est Si Bon/Tea for Two/Hello Dolly/Ain' She Sweet/All of Me

Pierre Granier, Banjo
Jean-Paul Charles, Mandoline
Michel Barbier, Guitare
Franck Bonnefoy, Basse

I firmly believe that you will find no other CD in the world like this one. I picked up mine years ago off of a rack simply catagorized as "banjo". The banjo is the salient miracle of this album considering that the instrument is so pigeon-holed into the narrow spectrum of bluegrass music primarily. In the right hands the banjo can sing any kind of music, and in the deepest, truest voicings! However, I would describe all of the instruments (blugrass/country instruments) and arrangements on this CD as 'understated spactacular', but this is not bluegrass; this is sweet clean flowing jazz. These musicians are probably studio musicians who have backed up many professional acts? I say that becuase these musicians have the extremely uncommon sense to not 'play over the music' while expertly playing the music to it's maximum potential both in solo and ensemble sections. Try to get this CD and try to encourage this ensemble to record again not only to create more great music, but to hopefully continue what to me sounds like a unique genre that they have created. It would certainly be a shame if this music is only a single shooting star, but if that indeed is the fate of the matter at least catch this star. JAR (NYC)

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