Chechnya 3

Ensemble Zhovxar
San Home Daymohk


01. Land fathers
02. Party
03. Cold spring
04. Black eyes
05. Tell me why
06. I called your
07. Same age
08. Flower zandaka
09. La Lure
10. I love, love
11. Ocean
12. Gaze home
13. Long time ago
14. Golden Ring
15. Girls and swans
16. I think a minute
17. I will not go for him Dearest Mother
18. Nazam
19. Better if I did not love
20. Stay Free

Women's folklore ensemble "Zhovhar" ("Pearl") was established in 1990 by well-known Chechen singer Ayman Aydamirova (who left the band in 1993). During the period of hostilities in Chechnya the group stopped performing and re-established in 2003 as part of the Republican Philharmonic.
Ayman Aydamirova appeared on stage in the mid 80-ies in the group n.a.Checheno-Ingushetia Sh Edisultanova. She sang a duet with her sister Malika. Subsequently, her group was created: "Zhovhar" ("Pearl"). The Ensemble played folk songs. Training and creative approach allowed Ayman Aydamirova a fresh look at the folklore, and to introduce a new paint that has earned her collective reputation and the love of the listeners. "Ensemble Zhovhar"repeatedly performed in Moscow, toured the regions of Russia and the CIS.

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