Fado 2

Carlos Zel - É Fado


01. Aquela tarde em Santarém
02. Gaivotas do meu Tejo
03. Oração
04. De Rastos Subi  A Escada
05. Restos Duma Saudade
06. Na Tarde Que O Sol Abraca
07. Neste Rio Vou Morrer
08. Riso De Crianca
09. A Nossa Estranha Canção
10. Poesia Louca
11. Corpo Vazio
12. Que Os Meus Amigos Me Cantem


 Born in Parede on September 29, 1950, Carlos Zel began his professional career in 1967.

António Carlos Pereira Frazão was born in Parede, on September, 1950, and soon he is fond of music and show business, adopting the artistic name of Carlos Zel.

He started singing in Cascais and Estoril as amateur, but at the age of 17 he became professional singer. Then he follows on radio at Emissora Nacional, and performed on revues and television.

Carlos Zel’s style was an orthodox presence of tradition, although he had made some changes to modern times. Even his work was ruled by tradition; he also made attempts to give other melodies to Fado, as morna, typical cape-verdian song, working in collaboration with Celina Pereira. This behaviour establishes his own style, putting him distant from renowned singers, as Manuel de Almeida.

Carlos Zel was on the cast of several Fado houses, and he became well-known with performances in several casinos all over the country. In 2000, Carlos Zel gives a push to the organization “Quartas-Feiras de Fado” at Casino do Estoril, and even before, in 1993, was one of the founders of the Academia do Fado e da Guitarra.

During his career he has recorded 14 records; the last record was named "Com Tradição", dated in 2000, when he made his performance in a concert at the CCB auditorium.

The skilled Fado’s singer performed in several international stages as Spain, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Senegal, Brazil, Chile, United States of America, among others.

In 1993, Carlos Zel is distinguished with the Prémio Prestígio granted by Casa da Imprensa and in 1997 wins also the Prémio Neves de Sousa. He was also distinguished with the Medalha de Mérito da Cruz Vermelha and the Medalha de Mérito Artístico of Cascais’ Town Council. His name is a reference in the national musical universe.

He died on February, 2002.

Every year a show is organized and presented at Casino Estoril to pay homage to the singer, where all great names of fado today usually take part of. 


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