Musica De Futebol
1. Brasil V Italia: World Cup Final 1970 : Pele Scores
2. Samba Rubro Negro - Joao Nogueira
3. Camisa 10 Da Gavea - Jorge Ben
4. Mas Que Nada - Tamba Trio ( Jorge Ben Jr)
5. Futebol De Bar - Cesar Mariano
6. O Ronco Da Cuica - Joao Bosco
7. Mitos E Magias Na Triunfante Odisséia Da Criação 2001 - Gaviões Da Fiel
8. Touradas Em Madri - Carmen Miranda (Joao De Barro) 1938 (Mr Bongo Remaster)
9. O Rei Pelé - Jackson Do Pandeiro
10. O Futebol - Chico Buarque
11. Hino Do Esporte Clube Bahia - Caetano Veloso
12. Filo Maravliha - Marijo
13. Crowd Noises & Ggoool By Arujou - Flamengo 3x2
14. Pele Ballistic Brothers Mix - Arakatuba ( Bosco De Oliveira)
15. Brasil V Italia 1970 World Cup Final : Carlos Alberto Scores The Third Goal
16. Gol Anulado - Joao Bosco
17. Meu Du Campo - Elis Regina
18. Ponta Da Lanca Africano - Jorge Ben
19. Gres Mocidade Independente De Inhauma
20. Nao Adianta - Trio Mocoto
21. Pixinguinha;1x0; Um A Zero
22. Perdao Nao Tem - Elis Regina & Pele
The rhythm, happiness and ingenuity that marks Brazilian football makes it perfect subject matter for music. Pixinguinha was the first major composer to write a song about a match, in 1919, and since then football has inspired almost all the great twentieth century popular Brazilian artists including Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina and Jorge Ben. There is barely a musical genre that does not include a tribute to a team, a match or a player. Football is an obvious stimulus since it is such a central part of Brazilian life. These 22 tracks are some of the greatest Brasilian music songs about football featuring Jorge Ben, Joao Bosco, Caetano Veloso, Pele, Carmen Miranda and more.

The Brazilian football/soccer tradition is unrivaled -- the South American nation has won five World Cups and birthed international superstars including Pele and Ronaldo. Of course, the Brazilian musical tradition ain't too shabby, either, and in fact, over the years any number of songs have been recorded in tribute to the beautiful game -- on occasion, some footballers have even cut records of their own as well, and Musica de Futbol: The Sound of Brasilian Football collects 22 of the most popular and enduring songs that have emerged as the soundtrack of this greatest of sports. For all intents and purposes, these are jock jams for the Brazilian football faithful -- Chico Buarque's "O Futebol" could be their "Rock & Roll, Pt. 2," and César Camargo Mariano's "Futebol Do Bar" could be another "We Will Rock You." The difference, of course, is that to American ears those Western pop songs are tired and familiar, but the material on Musica de Futebol is fresh and exciting -- as you might expect, the songs are lively and colorful, but they're far more rhythmic and funky than the leaden stadium anthems that excite crowds on the north side of the equator. Other highlights include the Fila Brazilia remix of Arakatuba's "Socrates" and Jorge Ben's "Camisa 10 Da Gavea." ~ Jason Ankeny
The history of Brazilian football and the develpoment of its musical styles are entwined. The sport is often described as a dance. With good reason. Domingos da Guia, Brazil's outstanding defender of the 1930s and 1940s, said "My elder brother used to [say] - aren't you good at dancing? I was and this helped my football. I swung my hips a lot, that short dribble I invented imitating the miudinho, that type of samba."


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