Música Llanera

Claudia Calderón
El Piano Llanero

Fundación Bigott - 2001
01- Quirpa (Folklore) 2:55
02- Quitapesares con San Rafael (Folklore) 3:32
03- Gabán, Chipola y Pajarillo (Folklore) 10:53
04- Las Espigas (Simón Díaz) 3:07
05- Amalia (Joaquin Arias) 2:40
06- El Trapiche (Emilio Murillo) 4:22
07- Revuelta Tuyera (Folklore) 8:42
08- El Sr. Jou (Pablo Camacaro) 3:50
09- El Avispero (Alberto "Beto" Valderrama) 3:02
10- Seis por Derecho (Folklore) 4:19
11- Zumba que Zumba con Periquera (Folklore) 3:42
12- Palo Negro (Anónimo) 2:55


Piano: Claudia Calderón
Cuatro: Cheo Hurtado (tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 09, 10, 11, 12)
Tiple & Cuatro: Rafael Brito (tracks 03, 05, 06, 08)
Acoustic Bass: David Peña
Maracas: Ernesto Laya
Oboe: Jaime Martínez (track 04)
A New Vision of the Traditional Joropo Music 
from Venezuela and Colombia 
After years of research into the roots of Colombian and Venezuelan Music, pianist Claudia Calderón has produced a collection of the best pieces of traditional harp and bandola folklore from los Llanos, the great plains of the Orinoco Basin and the Valley of the Tuy River. This music, traditionally known as "Joropo", combined with other genres from the Colombian Andes, creates an exquisite piano repertoire, revealing an unexpectedly high degree of musical discourse. This repertoire of  brilliant pieces is full of delightful hints of Spanish Baroque harpsichord music, set in the most powerful rhythmic context. Claudia Calderón has carefully transcribed the original Andean and llanero pieces for her instrument and her ensemble, seeking the highest musical fidelity to achieve a perfect rendering of these fascinating sources of unique world music onstage, worldwide.

The Chamber Music combination of piano and traditional Colombian and Venezuelan instruments is a breakthrough, bringing the sounds from los Llanos, the great plains and mountains north of the Amazon Basin to a universal concert format. This show, in which Claudia Calderón and her amazing guests make us discover a variety of music, is also a strong cultural statement. By combining the familiar voices of Piano and Double Bass with the surprisingly colorful performance of the Maracas, the Venezuelan Cuatro (small four-stringed guitar) and the Colombian Tiple (metal twelve-stringed guitar), the group reveals the profound musical and cultural universe spanning from the the Eastern tip of the Venezuelan Coast to the Southernmost parts of the colossal Colombian Andes; a great geographical arc which is full of musical surprises for world audiences.

The Andean ingredient gives an appropriate stylistic complement to the fiery music of  the Llanos, introducing the fresh and relaxing sounds of the mountain guitar, the tiple, gently strumming the delicate forms of  Colombian melodies. It is the realm of Bambuco, Pasillo, Joropo and Vals; an ancient musical tradition shared by Colombia and Venezuela. Piano Llanero brings these powerful forces together, and helps us enjoy a clear and authentic show of these relatively unknown but incredibly expressive families of Latin American music.
Colombian pianist and composer Claudia Calderón based in Venezuela since 1987, was born in Palmira, Colombia. She specialized in performing music from Venezuelan and Colombian traditional sources, as well as classical, romantic and contemporary piano repertoire, often playing her own compositions. After studying in her native Cali and Bogotá, she graduated 1987 in Piano Performing under Professor David Wilde at the Musikhochschule in Hannover, Germany. She also studied composition under Professor Diether De La Motte and attended courses in Italy under pianist György Sandor, a disciple of Béla Bartók.

Claudia Calderón has been Chamber Music Faculty at the Simón Bolívar Conservatory and at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales, IUDEM, in Caracas. She has also passionately studied the Joropo music from the plains and the coasts of Venezuela and Colombia and developed musicological research in traditional llanero harp at the FUNDEF Institute in Caracas, publishing several papers on the specific subject of  Venezuelan harp music in Venezuela and France.

She has produced the first complete and exact set of transcriptions of Joropo music from different historic ethnomusicological recordings, setting a new standard in the studies of this relatively unknown genre, giving also lectures at the Historical Harp Society at the University of Amherst, Massachussetts, USA and at the Mainz Universität in Germany.

Mrs. Calderón has toured extensively in solo and chamber music formations in Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, England, France, Germany, South Africa, USA and Mexico. Calderón's own works include solo piano pieces, chamber and symphonic music and have been performed and recorded in Venezuela, Colombia, England and Mexico.

In 1999 she created the Fundación Editorial Arpamérica, an institution for the purpose of researching, rescuing and promoting harp and bandola music through educational publications and new compositions. She has developed an entirely new repertoire for the piano, based on the sources of the harp and mandolin music, which she has recorded in the CD "El Piano Llanero", with the traditional ccompaniment of cuatro, tiple, double bass and maracas, released in 2002 in Caracas. The Banco de la República in Bogotá, Colombia, recently published a CD with the Piano Solo Works by Colombian composer Pedro Morales Pino she recorded in 2004.

Her new CD "El Piano Llanero II" will soon be released in Caracas.(November 2007) In 2004, she was awarded an artistic residence at the G-3 program (México-Colombia-Venezuela), where she created a composition for piano and small orchestra that has not yet been premiered.

"Hoy canta alegre el Llanero
cabalgando sin cesar
a la luz de los luceros
en sueños sin despertar..."

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