Piano 4

Feyzi Aslangil (1910  -  1965)
Piyano ile Saz Eserleri ve Taksimler
Turkish Music on the Piano
Cd - Casette, 78 RPM


1. Suzidil Peşrev - Tanburi Ali Efendi (4:57)
2. Ara Taksimi Ve Suzidil Saz Semaisi -  Fahri Kopuz (9:05)
3. Kürdilihicazkar Peşrev - Kemençeci Vasil (4:12)
4. Mahur Saz Semaisi - Kemençeci Nikolai (4:58)
5. Sultaniyegah Saz Semaisi - Kanuni Hacı Arif Bey (4:47)
6. Şedaraban Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey (6:07)
7. Ferahfeza Peşrev - Muallim İsmail Hakkı Bey (5:06)
8. Ferahfeza Saz Semaisi - Tanburi Cemil Bey (10:00)
9. Nihavend Peşrev - Kanuni Ahmed Bey (6:27)
10. Nihavend Saz Semaisi - Gavsi Baykara (4:44)
11. Ara Taksimi (4:52)
12. Nikriz Sirto - Refik Fersan (3:24)
13. Çargah Sirto - Anonim (3:10)

Piano: Feyzi Aslangil
Feyzi Aslangil  -  Biography

The Turkish pianist Feyzi Aslangil was born in 1910 in Istanbul and died in the same city in 1965. He dropped out education when he was a student at Saint Benoit, a French high school in Istanbul. He started to learn music by taking private piano lessons in western classical music. Taking great interest in traditional Turkish music, he subsequently diverted to Turkish music. Aslangil improved his musical knowledge by taking extra lessons from Setrak Efendi, an Armenian music teacher who had been giving piano and violin lessons. A few years later he joined the Darüttalim - i Musiki Heyeti and played the piano for three years in the concerts of this prestigious music society, which was conducted by the well - known composer and ud player Fahri Kopuz, who in the 1930s gathered together almost all the distinguished musicians of Turkey. Despite persistent objections from his family. Aslangil decided to become a professional musician and appeared at the Balkan Gazinosu, a night club in Istanbul. He played for the fasıl ensembles conducted by hafız Ahmet and Hafız Burhan and in 1933 he began to accompany the legendary singer Münir Nurettin Selçuk. As a professional musician Feyzi Aslangil played the piano for fasil ensembles at night clubs throughout his life. As a soloist he also played for Radio Istanbul. His radio concerts greatly contributed to his fame and made him a renowned musician throughout Turkey.

It is a known fact it is impossible to obtain all the notes and pitches of Turkish scale which contains microtonal intervals. Nevertheless, in the twentieth century various Turkish musicians tried hard to overcome this overwhelming inconvenience and play it in concerts. In traditional Turkish music Feyzi Aslangil is the best - known pianist. The present disc/cassette brings together some of his radio recordings of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Bülent Aksoy



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