Piano 6

triosence - when you come home
01. When You Come Home (4:43)
02. Three Fo(u)r Fun (5:38)
03. Heart In The Head (4:40)
04. Distance Means Nothing (4:50)
05. A Far-Off Place (5:49)
06. Little Romance (5:35)
07. Something New (3:54)
08. Long Fall - Part I (2:40)
09. Long Fall - Part II (Strength From Sadness) (1:06)
10. Once I Knew (5:35)
11. What Really Matters (4:12)
12. You Alone (2:36)
13. Sad Truth (5:04)
14. That's How It Is (6:08)
15. Sometime Ago (4:20)
16. Lost Or Found (4:08) (Japan)
Stephan Emig: Drums
Mathias Nowak: Bass
Bernhard Schüler: Piano
Their first CD, “First Enchantment” received fabulous critics in Germany as well as abroad and was nominated for the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik". The second CD "Away For A While" stayed in the German International Jazz Charts for over 6 Month. Triosence now got featured in the biggest German Magazines like Stern, FAZ, JazzThing, Jazz Podium, Piano News, a.o.
Triosence is not only the name but also describes the concept of the band. The “trio-essence” lies within the emancipation of piano, bass and drums. It’s achieved by Bernhard Schüler’s original compositions and by the strong individuality of the three musicians. Each instrument can take the lead.Thus, they have a much wider spectrum of sound than traditional trios normally have.
What characterizes the music of Triosence the most is its emphasis on the melodies and their clarity. They are very lyrical and that creates the core of almost all the original compositions. Stylistically the music of Triosence has no limits. There are influences of Jazz, Fusion, Folk and World. This convinces not only connoisseurs of jazz music, but also people having little relation to jazz.
The music is a mix between Jazz, Folk, World and Fusion. The instruments of the members are equals which permits a large spectrum of compositions. The whole music is made by themselves and is influenced by Bill Evans Trio, Keith Jarrett, Hubert Nuss, John Taylor, Ahmad Jamahl, Peter Erskine, Jack DeJohnette and Zakir Hussain. Many critics describes the music as lyrical, poetic and dreamy.
 "The piano trio that made our impression of the "stiff German jazz" change... " 
(Swing Journal, Japan)

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