Walk Tall

  "Like I said before
there are times when
there are times when things don' lay
the way they're supposed to lay
but regardless you're supposed to hold your head up high
and walk tall.
Walk tall!"
Cannonball Adderley


bolingo69 said...

I'm mostly more like running huddled down these days...

Finally got in the mood to walk tall!

And you can walk with your head up high! What a wonderful blog you have created here!

Save some Kobyz until I get back from China...

Thank you Miguel!

kokolo said...

This is a poem form Antun Branko Simic A croatian poet and to my opinion an enlightened being.

Man beware
do not go small
under the stars!

that through you passes
gentle light of the stars!

So dat you have no regrets
when your last look
says farewell to the stars!

At your end
in place of dust
turn all into the stars!

Covjece pazi
da ne ides malen
ispod zvijezda!

da cijelog tebe prodje
blaga svjetlost zvijezda!

Da ni za cim ne zalis
kad se budes zadnjim pogledima
rastajo od zvijezda!

Na svom koncu
mjesto u prah
prijedji sav u zvijezde!