Adyghe 2

Ensemble Zchiw
CD 1:
1. Guest song.
2. Nart Shabatnuk.
3. Song Badynoko.
4. Shabatnuk.
5. Nart Dance.
6. Abadzehskaya marching song.
7. Aydemyrkan.
8. Song of the shepherd.
9. Kazbech Tuguzhuk.
10. Song terrible Nashhozhuka.
11. Song extracting bullets.
12. One hundred truths.
13. Dog and boar.
14. Song Shhaguashe.
15. Karakamyl.
16. Song geguako.
17. The history of the memorial.
18. Shapsug zafak.
Total time: 48 min 30 sec.
CD 2:
1. Sleepy sheep.
2. Psyhag.
3. Song of Dahanago.
4. Adagum.
5. Song Naqoura Shao.
6. Sorrow Boraza.
7. Sorrow Dzadzuny.
8. Lament for Aliyu.
9. Bird.
10. For whom do you give, Sue?
11. The song dedicated to his fiancee.
12. Song of the pupil.
13. Ancient dance.
14. Sandrakov.
Total time: 43 min 37 seconds.
Collection of Circassian folk songs with the accompaniment of folk instruments.
Zchiw Song Ensemble—Zchiw (Жъыу; literally: Chorus) is a newly established Adigean group that utilizes ancient musical instruments (no accordion  or baraban), and plays authentic songs of the bards as they would have been heard prior to the 19th century. Its directors and principal personnel are Zamudin Ghwch’e and Zawir Neghwey, both singers of considerable talent. Neghwey also plays the shich’epshine (Circassian violin). Other singers of note include Artur Abida.
Zamudine Guchev (Founder)
Foto thanks to Antplat. A lot more to read and see: here. Let google translate for you.

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