Korea 1

Park Je Chun
1996 AD forte I'M


1. Jazz'n jazin (4‘49“)
2. Micro-mori (7‘09“)
3. Africorea (4‘09“)
4. 風 (5‘27“)
5. 流 (4‘42“)
6. Highway (2'45")
7. Change 1 (5‘40“)
All Songs Composed & Arranged by Park Je-chun


박재천 - Percusssion, 풍물
함기호 - Bass Guitar
이표영 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
정정배 - Latin Percussion
박미연 - Piano

Park Je Chun - Percusssion
Hamgiho - Bass Guitar
Yip yo young - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Jeong jeong bae - Latin Percussion
Miyeon - Piano
Park Je Chun
Percussionist Park Je Chun is widely regarded as a pioneer in the movement of combining western jazz with traditional Korean music.
Born in 1961 in Seoul Korea and graduated from ChungAng University in 1986 with a degree in music composition. After graduation. he began his study in Korean traditional music the art of 'Pansori' (story telling music), the 'Chango' drum and the music of the 'Shamans'.
In 1991 he formed his own rock group. The group got good popularity in Korea . At that time he had been play 'Pansori 'singing and Korean big drum. The group had concert in Japan(Osaka) played with Kitaro(keyboard,daiko).
In 1993 he formed new group named "Mol-e mori" and released the CD "Mol-e mori", the first of his work to feature the combination of traditional korean music and jazz. To facilitate playing this fusion of styles, Park performs on a unique percussion set-up consisting of korean and western instruments.
...he played together many foreign improviser, as Masahiko Satoh(p) ,Kang TaeHwan(a.s), Sainkho Namchylak(vo), Wadada Leo Smith(tp), Ned Rothenberg(reed), Aki Takase(p), Daisuke Fuwa(b), Gerry Hemingway(dr), Yoshihide Otomo(gt,elec), Kazutoki "Doctor" Umezu(reed), Alfred Harth(reed) and others.
His instruments set is mixed by western drum set and Korean traditional Percussions.

When he plays on stage he sitting on floor, this is looking funny but reasonable style to him, and it will come from typical Asian spirit. Because almost Asian traditional music had been played by sitting musicians.
Pianist Miyeon graduated from ChungAng University with degree in music composition.
When she was young, she started study in classical piano, she began her study in 20th Contemporary music and Jazz study from Satoh Masahiko.

She composed music of the film "Young Lover", "Sa-ja-sung-eo", KBS tv drama "Tae yang in-Lee Jema",
play togather Kang Tae Hwan(as), Satoh Masahiko(pf), Ned Rodenberg (as,cla), Umezu Kazutoki(as,ss), Gerry Hemingway(dr), Otomo Yoshihide(elec). Wittwulf.Y.Malik (cello)

She released the CD "Simple Trust"(solo), "Tae yang in-Lee Jema"(sound track), "Improvised Memories"with
Kang Tae Hwan(as),Park Jechun(perc),"Loose Community"with Otomo Yoshihide(elec), Gunter Muller(elec,perc), Park Je Chun(perc). "Sound Skipping 1,2" with Ge-suk Yeo(voc.) Park Je Chun(per,) "Queen & King" with Park Je chun.

She performance in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama, Moscow, St,Petersburg, Koln Cairo, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, Samarakant, Tashikent ,Hamburg, Brussels, Harare, Malta, Kuwait, Tripoli, Abu dhabi, Dubai.

listen, listen, there is more to come... :)

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