Piano 8

Mário Laginha
Canções e Fugas

01 Do lado de cá do mar
02 Fuga em lá maior (4 vozes)
03 Lugar bem situado
04 Fuga em ré maior (3 vozes)
05 Berenice
06 Fuga em mi bemol menor (4 vozes)
07 Do lado de lá do mar
08 Fuga em fá maior (4 vozes)
09 Fado
10 Fuga em dó menor (5 vozes)
11 Coral
12 Fuga em si maior (4 vozes)
Mário Laginha

Mário Laginha is regarded as one of the most talented and innovative Portuguese musicians. Pianist and composer, he has been awarded several prizes and has been invited to many national and international festivals. He has played and recorded with Wayne Shorter, Ralph Turner, Manu Katché, Trilok Gurtu, Toninho Horta, Gilberto Gil, Julian Argüelles, Django Bates, and the Hannover Philharmonic Orchestra, among many others.

With his quintet, Mário Laginha recorded “Hoje”, an album that strongly reflects his unique style. He has also been involved in several projects, being invited to compose both for small and large ensembles, such as the NDR Big Band, the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, the Oporto Symphonic Orchestra, the Drumming Percussion Group, and Remix Ensemble.

His work in the duo formation has had a fundamental importance in his career: He shares eight albums with singer Maria João, has recorded “Duetos” with pianist Pedro Burmester, and recently has recorded “Mário Laginha/Bernardo Sassetti” (2003) and “Grandolas” (2004) with pianist Bernardo Sassetti.

Mário Laginha has recorded his first solo album “Songs and Fugues”, released in March 2006.


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