Sounds of Nature

Field Guide To The Voice Of Nature In Taiwan's Forest
01 Small-winged blackbird
02 Bülbül
03 Yellow-breasted blue flycatcher
04 Taiwan's thrush
05 White ear thrush
06 Bataan white-eye
07 Bülbül
08 Colored Barbet
09 Little Pi pelican
10 Lanyu scops owl
11 Brown hawk owl
12 White-breasted Waterhen
13 Ring-necked pheasant
14 Crow-ray head
15 Muntjac
16 Flying squirrel
17 Formosan macaques
18 Japanese tree frog
19 Day tree frog
20 Mo's Tree Frog
21 White Frog
22 Chinese Tree Frog
23 Spotted frogs
24 Gunther's frog
25 Rain frog
26 Sawa frog
27 Tiger frog
28 Mei Wen Cricket
29 Grasshopper Si
30 Taiwan Sao Si
31 Bear cicada
32 Taiwan Sao cicada
33 Yangmingshan Higurashi
Beauty of Forest
Most regions passed through by the Tropics are deserts or arid grasslands, but in Taiwan monsoon and tropical cyclones bring plentiful precipitation and enrich the ecological growth. The dramatic geographical change from sea level up to about 4,000 meters contributes to complicated climate happening in this narrow 36,000-square-kilometer island, in addition to the intersection between south-north mountains and monsoon.

The conditions provide diverse natural resources for wide spectrum of vegetation, ranging from alpine frigid bushes (above 3500 meters), subalpine coniferous forest (3000-3500 meters), cold coniferous forest (2500~3000 meters), temperate mountainous coniferous forest (1500-2500 meters), temperate mountainous broad-leaved forest (700-1500 meters), subtropical mountainous broad-leaved forest (beneath 700 meters), to tropical coastal forest; the abundant plants have promoted the island the precious forest treasure to explorers for centuries.

Portuguese saw the island's verdant beauty from the sea in the 16th century and couldn’t help by cry aloud “Formosa!” Mark Western, a Canadian married to a Taiwanese girl, shared the same sentiment in 2004 after he rowed his canoe around the island in 34 days.

"Formosa" means the beautiful island with dense forests. 


øשlqaeda said...

owls, frogs, cicadas... oh my!

Miguel said...

not to forget the Muntjac, also known as Barking Deer ;)

Feq'wah said...

'21 white-throated tree'

So, trees do clear their throats? :)

Miguel said...

Original: 白頷樹蛙

now google translates: White Frog :)

changed it ...

in the booklet you can see a frog :)