Nativos do Canal
Carimbó de Algodoal


1. Galo da Princesa
2. Zezinho traz a canôa
3. Carimbó para Maiandeua
4. Balanço da maresia
5. Minha praia linda
6. Na areia escrevi meu nome
7. Poupurry
8. Tá chegando
9. Já fui na Mocooca
10. Carimbó São Jorge
11. Ê...do lado de lá
12. Eu subi a duna
13. Poupurry

Located in the Amazon Atlantic, northeastern state of Para and northern municipality of Maracanã, Algodoal Island is part of the micro-geographical Salgado and has the geographical boundaries to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the hole Mocooca, the East Bay and Maracanã West Bay Marapanim.
It is impossible to describe the charm of the Isle of Algodoal. Clearly the power of nature, the lightness of air, the white sand, blue mixed with green - turning everything in incredible alchemy. The charm is undeniable and irresistible. The feelings are more intense, strong and true. Talent Master of Carimbó Chico Braga, along with the Nativos do Canal. Respect the Teacher of 66 years of age, and as he himself says: “50 de Algodoal” is true. For anyone who was curious about this citizen of Algodoal hear the sound!


Mestre do Carimbó Chico Braga


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