Tale Of My Land

Rain Sultanov
Tale Of My Land


1. Children
2. Lost Land
3. Father's Tale
4. Mother
5. Ache In My Soul
6. My Angel
7. Tale Of My Land


Rain Sultanov - tenor, soprano sax,
Yasef Eyvazov - oud,
Aleksey Miltikh - cello,
Rauf Sultanov - double bass,
Lala Aliyeva - harp,
Natig Shirinov - nagara,
Ramin Sultanov - drums, davul,
Tofig Jabbarov - percussion.
This recording is a very important event in my life; the project is called, 'Talking about my native land'. I am trying to express all my feelings about my homeland in the language of music, particularly focussing on two generations, children and old people. Children are our future, the aged are our parents, history, our past. The music on the album expresses sorrow for the children who have lost their homes and parents and our concern for those who are living out the last days of their lives; as well as our heartache over the lost territories. These are all the feelings I experience today. Only acoustic instruments will be used in this project. It's not easy, to be honest, but I really want to make it a success. I want to enliven the music with a documentary video; the 'Talking about my native land' project will be a video disc. I think this album will be my best work yet; it will encapsulate many of the moments which I haven't yet been able to express in the language of music and will communicate to the world my native land, its problems and our people. 

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Miguel said...

Video of "Lost Land" is included in the folder :)