Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru

Banda De Pífanos De Caruaru
A Bandinha Vai Tocar
Marcus Pereira MPL 9415 - 1980


1 A Bandinha Vai Tocar – (Paraná Queiroz & Anastácia) (2:02)
2 Galope – (Sebastião Biano & Gilberto Biano) (2:57)
3 Um De Cada Vez – (Sebastião Biano & Benedito Biano) (2:23)
4 Baiano Da Viola – (Sebastião Biano & Benedito Biano) (3:25)
5 São João Do Carneirinho – (Guio De Moraes & Luiz Gonzaga) (3:24)
6 De Alagoas a Pernambuco – (Sebastião Biano, Ivan Bolhões & Benedito Biano) (2:51)
7 Baianada Na Roça – (Sebastião Biano & João Biano) (2:12)
8 Feira De Mangaio – (Glorinha Gadelha & Sivuca) (3:05)
9 Pega Pra Capá – (Sebastião Biano & José Biano) (3:43)
10 Forró Em Limoeiro – (Edgar Ferreira) (2:58)
11 Maxixando – (Sebastião Biano & Benedito Biano) (2:55)
12 Saudades De Caruaru – (Sebastião Biano & Amaro Biano) (2:40)

Playing time: 34:35
Since 1924, the Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru has been playing the traditional repertory of that formation (a banda de pífanos is a band formed by several flute-like instruments, along with the typical percussion set consisting of zabumba and triângulo). Founded by Manoel Clarindo Biano and Benedito Clarindo Biano, the band recorded its first album in 1972 (Zabumba Caruaru), when, for the first time, they went to Rio de Janeiro to perform. By 1999, the band had recorded another seven albums and continued to perform regularly in their region. ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide 
Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru

Assembled in 1924 by Manoel Clarindo Biano and Benedito Clarindo Biano in the countryside of Alagoas (Northeastern Brazil), the Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru remains to this day as one of the most traditional instrumental groups in Brazil. The current members are sons and nephews of the original members. The first recordings happened in 1971, when the band performed a series of shows in Rio de Janeiro. Their unique sound, comprised of pífanos (fifes) and percussion, was discovered by MBP stars like Gilberto Gil, who recorded "Pipoca Moderna" (with lyrics by Caetano Veloso) on his album, "Expresso 2222" (1972). In 1999, the Banda de Pífanos had the CD "Tudo Isso É São João" released through the record label Trama.
One of the more striking, unique sounds of the Brazilian northwest... the combination of clattering tinny percussion and the arresting sound of the native flutes, known as "flautas de taboca"  (or "pifes") should turn your head. Beautifully recorded and fascinating, even if the tracks all start to sound the same after a while. Gilberto Gil recorded with this group in the early '70s.