Bom Bonito E Barato

Samba Enredo Du Carnaval De Rio


1. Gres.estacao Primeira De Mangueira - Lendas Do Abaete
2. Gres, Portela - O Mundo Melhor De Pixinguinha
3. Gres, Portela - Macunaima, Heroi Da Nossa Gente
4. Academicos De Salgueiro - O Segredo Das Minas Do Rei Salomon
5. Gres, Beija Flor - Sonhar Com Rei, Da Leao
6. Gres.estacao Primeira De Mangueira - No Reino Da Mae De Ouro
7. Gres, Beija Flor - Vovo O Rei Da Saturnalia Na Corte Egipiciana
8. Gres, Uniao Da Ilha Do Governador - Domingo
9. Gres, Imperio Serrano - Brasil Berco Dos Imigrantes
10. Gres, Beija Flor - Criacao Do Mundo Na Tradicao Nago
11. Gres, Uniao Da Ilha Do Governador - O Amanha
12. Gres, Portela - Mulher A Brasileira
13. Gres.estacao Primeira De Mangueira - Avatar E A Selva Se Transformou Em Ouro
14. Gres, Beija Flor - O Sol Da Meia Noite
15. Gres, Uniao Da Ilha Do Governador - Bom Bonito E Barato
A significant majority of the samba schools, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, have in their name the words Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba (Recreative Guild Samba School), represented by the acronym GRES, before the name itself. In São Paulo there is a common variation Grêmio Recreativo Cultural e Escola de Samba (Recreative Cultural Guild and Samba School). There are exceptions, such as the Sociedade Rosas de Ouro (Golden Rose Society) and the traditional Agremiação Recreativa Cultural e Escola de Samba Vizinha Faladeira (grêmio and agremiação in Portuguese are synonyms).  The standardization of the classifications of entities emerged in 1935 when the Rio carnival associations were required to take a charter to the Delegacia de Costumes e Diversões (Delegation of Customs and Entertainment) to be able to parade. In an effort to show a modicum of decency and organization, the delegate owner, Dulcídio Gonçalves, refused to grant the permit to associations with "inappropriate" names, which is why the GRES Portela had to change to the current name, instead of the previous Vai Como Pode (Come as You Will).
The samba school system seems to be unique to Brazil. Unlike parades such as the Rose Parade in California, for instance, the samba schools paradigm almost entirely consist of community volunteer work. Beyond a musical group, the schools are in fact the neighborhood associations that cover a variety of community needs, such as educational resources and medical care. There are often political and commercial interests involved as well, even from abroad, especially when the samba school honors the literature, music and dance, or a myth, historic figure or event from another country. Drug lords who control traffic in the Rio favelas are also said to contribute, as many of them are guardians and controllers of shanty town life.


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