Mestre Salustiano

Mestre Salustiano
Sonho da Rabeca
1. Coco de Manoel
2. Pimenta na Brasa
3. A Pata Piou
4. Toada de Cavalho-Marinho
5. Esse Coco é Bom
6. Arretação
7. Mateus e Catirina
8. Bota o Cachorro no Mato
9. Macaco Ensaboado
10. Salu na Rabeca é Bom
11. Cirandas
12. Mané Corta o Pau na Mata
13. Maracatu
14. Maracatu Rabecado

Date of birth : 12 November 1945, Aliança, Pernambuco, Brazil
Date of death : 31 August 2008, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil (cardiac arrhythmia)

"Mestre Salustiano: Sonho da Rabeca. Northeastern Brazil has a tremendous fiddling tradition and Mestre Salustiano was among the greatest. This CD is a marvelous collection of cocos, forrós de pé de serra, toadas de Cavalo Marinho and maracatus." maria-brazil




Anonymous said...

rest i.p. Mestre Salustiano
another jewel in toro y loco

Miguel said...

...While Mestre Salustiano took a brief break, the group performed a song that showcased the youngest percussionist, who appeared no older than fourteen. He picked up the rabeca and fiddled madly, dancing with an equally energetic tambourine player. My companion and I concluded that, based on his name and his fiddling style, the fiddler was likely the youngest son of Mestre Salustiano. Mestre Salustiano closed out the show with another impressive fiddling/singing performance, and then gave up the stage to another son...


Spinning said...

Miguel, I don't mean to be a pest, but that text (review of Mestre Salustiano's CD) comes from http://maria-brazil.org/music_from_northeastern_brazil.htm

The blog's owner/creator/ed.-in-chief is a fried of mine, and she does ask that people provide a link to her text, photos, etc. etc. rather than posting them anonymously. (A German musician once stole about 15-20 of her CD reviews instead of writing about the CDs himself... it wasn't a happy thing.)

the Maria-Brazil site is where I 1st found out about choro and many other kinds of music that very few Brazilians are aware of... it's also a pioneering site; one of the few ever to provide in-depth information about Brazilian music in English - and on the web since 1995.

I hope that all makes sense to you.

spinning (aka e2c)