Pifarinha - De Coco a Barroco


01. O Sertão da Farinha Podre – Vacão
02. Maria dos Cutango – Vacão
03. Frevo Inca – Christiano Rodrigues
04. Garnizé – Glayson Arcanjo
05. Taí de Enxada – Vacão
06. Jegue do Cerrado – Vacão
07. Penitentes – Vacão
08. Moça do Alambique – Vacão
09. De Coco a Barroco – Vacão
10. Alcova da Besta Fera ou Romance Medieval – Vacão
11. Lasqueira pra João e Maria – Vacão Bônus
12. Pequeno Dicionário das Grandes Coisas (parte II) – Luiz Salgado
13. Cumeno com Farinha – Christiano Rodrigues


Vacão (pífanos, flauta transversal e rabeca).
Dino Naza (caixa clara, triângulo e efeitos)
Márcio cachaça (pandeiro, triângulo, djembê e efeitos)
Glayson Arcanjo (Zabumba, Alfaia, Tambor do divino e efeitos)
Giancarlo (Pífanos e flauta transversal)
Xande Tannús (violão e contrabaixo)

Drinking from the clearest source of traditional Brazilian music group Pifarinha breaks the silence, sometimes medieval, sometimes contemporary, plays a game of identities in search of space in the inset of hegemonic and troubled music industry.

Taking advantage of devices that seek to touch the imagination of the viewer, the group presents themes in the simplicity of the people and the elements of nature, so getting the merit of providing the listener to enjoy music in a less disposable way, making it more humane and sensitive to the things in the world.
The group began in June 2004, at the time formed by four art students of the Federal University of Uberlandia - Vacão fife and fiddle, tambourine and Márcio Cachaça pandeiro and effects, Dino Naza clear box and effects Glayson Archangel on drums and percussion. The band now has significant shows in the alternative scenario, has participated at the 40th winter festival, UFMG, held in the historic city of Diamantina, and projects such as Art on the Square in partnership Network Mining and TV University / UFU, Jambolada - Festival Independent Music, Popular Culture Week, organized by SESC-and Calourada Uberlândia Federal University of Uberlandia.

After three years of research, Pifarinha released his first CD titled "From Baroque to Coco" composed of 12 original songs, a synthesis of traditional Brazilian music, an invitation to the origins of our culture. The recording of the CD has resources of Municipal Law for the Encouragement of Uberlandia and Culture was launched in two performances at the Teatro Municipal Pacheco, Uberlândia in June 2007.

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