Zé Coco do Riachão

LP Brasil Puro (1980) Rodeio/WEA
LP Zé Coco do Riachão (1981) Rodeio/WEA
LP Vôo das Garças (1987) Rima
Zé Coco do Riachão

José dos Reis Barbosa dos Santos
1912 Brasília de Minas, MG
13/9/1998 Montes Claros, MG
Instrumentalist. Composer. Accordionist. Manufacturer of fiddles. Created in the town of Riachão, where he was born on the banks of the river that bears the same name, at the confluence of the cities of Mirabela and Brasília de Minas, in the São Francisco Valley. His father was a maker and player of guitars. At the time of his birth, he spent a merry-of-kings, and he was consecrated by the mother to the holy kings, so "the Kings" registered.

Ze Coco made clear his devotion to the Holy Kings, and always introduced himself as Jose Reis Barbosa dos Santos. Hearing his father play since he was born, at age 8, was playing guitar that he learned to do. He was a joiner, carpenter, blacksmith, shoemaker, maker gates of ingenuity, ox cart, corral strip, wheel rolling cassava, but what became known, even internationally, was the excellence of the instruments which produced and played: viola, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. At twenty, he took the small instruments factory from his father.

Born in northern Minas Gerais, where the cultural influence of quilombos was and is very strong, he made his name in his region, but only had national recognition with almost 70 years of age. He recorded three albums in the 80s, that were not enough to save him, he died in poverty.


Spinning said...

He plays the viola caipira, actually, which has 10 steel strings... not the 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar that most Americana and Europeans are familiar with.

A person who plays the viola caipira is referred to as a violeiro (m) or violeira (f).

Spinning said...

foliade Reis.

You might check Chico Lobo's discography for more music (also from the state of Minas Gerais) related to this...

In the meantime, I need to figure out what "cassava wheel roller" actually means. :)

Miguel said...

Hej Spinning, glad you joined, yes we got to figure the cassava wheel roller out and the the joiner too :)
and a lot more... :)

busy otherwise at the moment, will be back some time soon...

so don't let that stop you :)

Miguel said...

late reply...

Chico Lobo is coming...

was/is on his way so to speak :)

but all this takes time :)

still no news about:

"cassava wheel roller" :(