Canto y Repique de Tambor

Etelvina Maldonado
Canto y Repique de Tambor

Corporación Cultural Cabildo del músico - 2006


1.Así Así
2.Déjala Dí
4.A Piá El Arró
5.Juana Gómez
6.Llego La Cumbia
7.Dame La Mano Prima
9.Ron Café
10.Que Se Quema El Monte
11.Déjala Llorar


Cantaora: Etelvina Maldonado De La Hoz
Tambor Alegre: Orlando Oliveros,
Tambor Alegre: Víctor Medrano (El docto),
Gaita Hembra: Stanley Montero,
Bombo: Luis Ramos,
Guache: Stanley Montero,
Coros: Cecilia Silva, Vania Gelabert y Luis Gonzalez (Luchito).

Músicos Invitados:

Yovanis Pérez Chamorro, Braulio Arnold Salgado.
Colombian Folk Music Legend Etelvina Maldonado Dies at 75
By WMC News Dept. Saturday January 30, 2010
Her legend was solidified in 1996 when the Alé Kumá album by Leonardo Gómez came out. It was a fusion of jazz with traditional music and it included four cantaoras, two from the Pacific region and two from the Caribbean area, combined with a jazz group. One of the female singers was Maldonado.

Since then, Maldonado became known as one of the leading cultivators of Colombian traditional music. One of her highlights was her participation at the Gran Concierto Nacional held last year, where she showcased her talent.

Colombian music critics regarded her as one of the top folk vocalists in Colombia along with Totó La Momposina and Petrona Martínez. However, her fragile health prevented her from touring.

"Etelvina Maldonado was a legend of traditional Colombian music and one of the most important interpreters of Afro-Colombian song," said Kaisha S. Johnson, Director of Touring Artists at the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. "Of particular note, was her association with bullerengue, a musical style originating on the Caribbean coast of Colombia."

Singing was her passion, but also a way to escape poverty. "Every time I went to participate in festivals, I always won or was one of the best," said Etelvina. "In one occasion I sold several of those awards for an opportunity to register my son at school. I’ve always been ready to solve any problem to further their education."
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"El bullerengue es lo mejor de mi vida": Etelvina Maldonado
bullerengue - A Costeño form, performed by flute-and-drum ensembles
A glossary of Colombian music


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