El baile del pato

Bagad Brieg
Karamba ! Le Canard Déchaîné



1. Kosmos
2. La boum
3. Africa zob
4. Maille flowers ar bio ty fioul
5. Gavotte des montagnes
6. Fou d fouf
7. La salsa de salsifis
8. Kas a bar
9. Psycho reel zikko
10. Belles of dunblane
11. Jojo la frite
12. Karamba!
Description rapide:

Un live, un rêve, un long rêve émaillé de bombardes claires, de rythmes saccadés comme des claquettes, du souffle puissant des cornemuses… voilà pour la solidité du « trad ». et voici qu'éclatent la fantaisie, le son lumineux des cuivres, que s'avance le velours de la guitare, l'émotion de la flûte jaspée de cordes et du doigté sur piano électrique : breizhoù universels, les « brieg » s'inspirent aussi de musique andine, de sonorités berbères. mélangez le tout, secouez très fort, ça donne du rock celtique. c'est fou ! fou ! fou !… » Angèle Jacq

A live recording, a dream, a perpetual dream of clear bombards, toe tapping rhythms and the powerful playing of the bagpipes that's the traditional background...

This is Bagad Brier... on a magic carpet flying to another planet.
A bagad is a Breton band, composed of bagpipes (Breton: binioù, French: Cornemuse), bombardes and percussion (made up of snare, tenor and bass drums). The pipe band tradition in Brittany was inspired by the Scottish example and has developed since the mid-20th century. A bagad plays mainly Breton music, but a bagad's music is evolutionary (new forms and musical ideas are experimented with at each annual national competition).

The plural for bagad is unusual in that many are referred to as bagadoù but for two, three or any other specified number they are simply referred to as bagad (following the rules of Breton grammar).

Every major town and city in Brittany has at least one bagad and there are over 80 in total. There are also many bagadoù outside Brittany, owing to large-scale Breton emigration throughout France.

For competition purposes the bagadoù are ranked into five categories. Major competitions take place annually in Brest and in Lorient, where the National Championship takes place during the InterCeltic Festival in August.


Feq'wah said...

El pato loco, a crazy duck, c'est fou!



Miguel said...


seeing this duck or listening,
it makes me laugh each time :)

Mais oui: Le Canard Déchaîné!

Nous aussi: liberté, égalité, canarité !!!