Les fanfares bavaroise

Musik aus Bayern
Musique bavaroise


1. Heinz Gotzel/Oberlander Kapelle Coburg - Tiroler Holzhacker Baub'n
2. Heinz Gotzel/Oberlander Kapelle Coburg - Ich Hab' Dich Gern
3. Alfred Paulus/Original Bayern Kapelle - Waldler Marsch
4. Die Bückeburger Jäger/Wilfried Majowski - Prima! Prima!
5. Die Bückeburger Jäger/Wilfried Majowski - Potpourri
6. Oberlander Kapelle Coburg - Beliebt und Bekannt
7. Alfred Paulus/Original Bayern Kapelle - Appenzeller Jodler
8. Die Bückeburger Jäger/Wilfried Majowski - Alte Kameraden
9. Die Bückeburger Jäger/Wilfried Majowski - Flascherl Wein
10. Heinz Gotzel/Oberlander Kapelle Coburg - Unter Maibaum/Auf Der Wies'n
11. Alfred Paulus/Original Bayern Kapelle - Polka Perlen
12. Alfred Paulus/Original Bayern Kapelle - Blaue Augen
13. Oberlander Kapelle Coburg - Bayrischer Defiliermarsch (Parade of the Bavarian Troops)
14. Alfred Paulus/Original Bayern Kapelle - Polka Marsch
15. Die Bückeburger Jäger/Wilfried Majowski - Hymne À la Joie
As the only representative of Bavarian Beer Hall Music, this album rates an easy "5". Classics such as "Walder-Marsch" and "Blaue Augen" will bring tears to any respectable Bavarian's eyes, and the medely of Marlene Deitrich songs is not to be missed! A must for anyone planning an Oktoberfest party!

In the Bavarian Alps just an hour away from München (Munich) there is a small monestary, Andechs, perched on a hill. You can reach it by 'subway' from downtown. During "Bock Bier Zeit" the monks fast, subsisting only on the dark brown beer brewed from the sludge at the bottom of the barrels. Is it any wonder they have 'visions'? This album gives you the perfect introduction to the unique and festive culture of the Bavarians.

~ Thomas A Schulz
Oans, Zwoa,... Gsuffa :)


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