Merceditas Valdéz
y los tambores bata de Jesús Pérez


01. Elegguá
02. Mango Mangue
03. Oggún
04. Drume Negrita
05. Obatalá
06. Yambambo
07. Yemayá
08. Lacho
09. Ochún
10. Quirino
11. Changó
12. Osain
13. Elegguá II
14. Ay Que Bueno
15. Changó II


Merceditas Valdéz, voc
Tambores Bata de Jesús Pérez, perc, voc (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15)
Los Amigos with Frank Emilio, p (2,4,6,8,10)
Grupo Oru, Sergio Vitier y su grupo (12, 14)
Reissue of original EGREM recordings, recording date unknown
Merceditas Valdés was born in the densely populated Neptuno street in Cayo Hueso neighborhood in Havana on October 14, 1928.
When she was 12 years old, and without her parents´consent, she applied to compete in the Corte Suprema del Arte and sang two pieces: "Babalú", a theme popularized by Miguelito Valdés and "La negra Mercé", by Ernesto Lecuona.
Her career began with the singing of yoruba religion prayers in amphitheaters and radio stations and her performances at Radio Cadena Suaritos´ musical programs are considered anthological. There, the participating orchestra was conducted by Obdulio Morales - composer, musical arranger and promoter of the Afro-Cuban liturgical music " together with a group of batá drums led by Trinidad Torregrosa, with Merceditas as the main soloist. For the first time, the batá drums were broadcasted by the radio, outside the temples, and many people even went to the radio station with the only purpose of greeting Merceditas at the end of the program.

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Jesús Pérez on the iyá sitting in the middle



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