Voices (3)

Yann-Fañch Kemener
Didier Squiban
Enez Eusa


1. Plac'hig eusa
2. Gwerz Ker Ys
3. Primaozadenn
4. Me 'zo ganet e-kreiz ar mor
5. Marivonig an Dourduff
6. Primaozadenn war Plac'hig eusa
7. Ar Voraerion
8. Gwerz Penmarc'h
9. Primaozadenn war ar voraerion
10. Tri Martolod
11. Plac'hig eusa


Yann-Fañch Kemener: chant
Didier Squiban: piano
As one of the best traditional singers today, Yann-Fañch Kemener also is one of the most famous. He established himself as a true musical ethnology specialist towards 'Kan ha diskan' and 'gwerz' traditions and took part in a very effective way to the singing revival in Brittany, its collection and its passing down. His singing is deeply rooted in a family tradition that he developped through many albums in which he recorded some of the songs he grew up with.

    He recorded his first L.P. at the age of 20 and will soon complete the largest discography of singing tradition in Brittany with five other L.P.s between 1977 and 1982 (Chants Profonds de Bretagne 1,2,3,4 and Kan Ha Diskan), all of them are unavailable of course. The oldest available C.D. is a rerecording of his 'Gwerzioù and sonioù', where he sings beautiful Breton laments.

    Beside his solo singing, he will also emerge on an other scene, the traditional folk one, where he adds his voice to the excellent musicians surrounding him in Barzaz. 
  This band will soon bring something very new to Breton music with new kinds of arrangements and the early presence of the pragramming playing together with Jean-Michel veillon's transverse wooden flute, Gilles Le Bigot's guitar, Alain Genty's bass guitar or Hopi Hopkins' bodhran , didgeridu...

    He also takes part to Skolvan's first two albums and to a "son et lumière" show together with Kristen Noguès, Jean-Louis Le Vallégant and pianist Didier Squiban.
 This is the beginning of a strong collaboration as Didier and Yann-Fañch will collaborate to offer a few masterpieces to Breton music.The first one is Brest 96, the official anthem to Brest 96 festival in which they are accompanied by a plethora of excellent musicians, and soon, as a duo, they really create a new style that nobody experienced before, a kind of chamber traditional singing expressed by three albums : Enez-Eusa, Île-Exil and Kimiad.

    He still continues to perform in solo or in duo for kan ha diskan together with Erik Marchand, Annie Ebrel, Valentine Colleter, Patrick Marie, Ifig Troadeg, Marcel Guilloux and recorded an album completely dedicated to this style of singing in which he invited all these friends.

    He actually sings together with Jean-François Corneloup Trio, a jazz band and they just received a great response from the audience during their concert at La Vilette, held on May the 2nd 2000.

    Yann-Fañch also took part to Dan Ar Braz' Heritage of the Celts and Alain Genty's latest album and presented a brand new edition book on the 'Barzaz Breiz' with a C.D. in which he's accompanied by the 'Maîtrise de Bretagne'.

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