Churay! Churay!

Bolivia Manta & Ñanda Mañachi
Churay! Churay!


01 - Nuca Llacta
02 - Nanda Manachi
03 - Alzando El Paсuelo
04 - Coraza Armay Chischi Changa Marcana
05 - Kimsa Puralla Huauquicuna
06 - La Gran Marcha
07 - Pusakapuway
08 - Llaki Shungulla
09 - Q'eros
10 - Camba Cusa
11 - Achimamita
12 - Chimba Loma
13 - Carabuela
14 - San Juan Capilla
15 - Wat'isanka
16 - Rabanito
Realmente este trabajo es una joya musical, grabado en 1982, conjuntamente Ñanda Mañachi y Bolivia Manta, titulado CHURAY! CHURAY!, con temas con Ñuca llajta, considerado como el segundo himno del Ecuador, ya que ha recorrido el mundo, llevando el mensaje musical de esta tierra hermosa ubicado en la mitad del Mundo.
Bolivian music styles vary greatly between regions. That's because Bolivia is such a multi-ethnic country. Bolivia has over 30 different ethnic groups and cultures and each has their own type of music. In addition, may styles have been adopted from other countries by Bolivian musicians.

In Bolivia you can hear traditional Andean music which uses many different types of pan pipes (called zampoñas) and flutes, guitars, the charango (a tiny 10-string guitar made from an armadillo shell), drums, and more. It ranges from melancholy to very high-spirited.

Andean music usually focuses on telling a story, traditionally the legends of the Aymara, Quechua, and Tiahuanacota people, and each music style is also accompanied by a particular dance style (each dance tells a story too). It is most evident in our Carnaval, which takes place in Oruro each year. During Carnaval you can hear every Bolivian music type there is and see the dance style of each as well.

In Western (Andean Bolivia) you can hear or see traditional music and dances such as the caporal, tinku, cueca, cumbia or the very lively saya (created by Bolivia's only Afrobolivian community). It's the dance style Brazilian singer Kaoma stole and made famous as the "lambada" which was played all around the world. Many Bolivian music groups have had their music plagiarized. There are several famous Bolivian music groups from the Andes that are known all over the world. They are the Kjarkas, Kalamarka, Savia Andina, and others.

In Eastern Bolivia music is completely different. Here music is usually very fast and festive. You can hear styles like the chacarera and taquirari. The names of many music styles in Bolivia's tropical Eastern half are in Guarani and traditional dances are also typical of the tropical Amazonian tribes such as the Guaraní, Ayoreos, and others.

In Southern Bolivia, and specifically in Tarija, you'll find the liveliest music in the country. The "chacarera" is originally from this region where music has been heavily influenced by the Spanish flamenco and the music of the Argentinean gauchos (cowboys).


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