The Jolly Boys
Pop 'n' Mento



01. Mother And Wife
02. Love in the Cemetery
03. River Come Down
04. Ten Dollars to Two
05. Banana
06. Big Bamboo
07. Ben Wood Dick
08. Touch Me Tomato
09. Shaving Cream
10. Watermelon
11. Back to Back
12. Nightfall

This Jolly Boys line up consisted of:

Allan Swymmer - Lead vocal and drum
Moses Deans - Banjo and vocals
Noel Howard - Guitar and vocals
Joseph Bennett - Rhumba box and vocals
"In winter of 1946, Errol Flynn purchased Navy Island. For the next decade it became the staging point for his unending party that is today the stuff of legend. The entertainment Flynn featured most often in those days was a small local group called the Navy Island Swamp Boys which consisted of Noel Lynch on Guitar, Moses Deans on banjo and “Papa” Brown on rumba box. When this group broke up in 1955, Moses and Papa reformed the group with Derrick “Johnny” Henry on maracas & drum, Martell Brown on guitar, and David “Sonny” Martin on guitar. When Papa couldn’t make gigs, Allan Swymmer was brought in (he later became a permanent member). Legend tells us that Errol Flynn named this group “The Jolly Boys” after the vibe he caught from their playing."


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