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Sunil Dev
The Music of Sunil Dev


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Sunil Dev Shrestra is a young Nepalese flautist who is now 30 years old. His favourite flute is the bass reed flute (in F). His repertoire is that of Indian classical music. He plays north Indian ragas for traditional festivities and in the thousand-year-old temples of Bakhtapur. His first master and guru was Prem Autari, an internationally renowned Nepalese flautist whose own guru had been the Indian flautist Chaurasia.
    Since then, Sunil has been to France to play at the Nuits de Fourvière festival in Lyon in front of 3,000 people and then in Paris at the Paris Quartier d’été festival. Those who were lucky enough to be there still remember these concerts. At the first, Sunil, who was totally unknown, had an audience of less than a hundred people; by the fifth concert, there were more than a thousand people there. People followed him around like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
    Since then, Sunil has been to Bombay to study for three years with the great master Prasad Chaurasia. Sunil has become a master himself.
    Sunil belongs to the Newar tribe. This tribe is very devout and practises a blend of animism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Sunil performs in temples at the incredibly lively Hindu festivals with his accompanist, Babu, the best tabla player in Nepal.
    What is interesting about these Nepalese musicians is that when they play this music in these places where it has been listened to for centuries, they give a new impetus to Indian music. Their energetic, rustic, sometimes naive performances give it a freshness, an emotion and an immediacy that the masters from Varanasi often lack. Sunil’s work helps us to understand how this north Indian classical music has been able to survive until the present day. Sunil’s music is important because it allows us to arrive, through him, at a better understanding of Hindu polytheism and Indian classical music.
    This is a very rare opportunity to see classical music performed in a traditional context that has not changed for hundreds of years. Raw and original. I went back to Nepal to record a whole album with Sunil.

- Martin Meissonnier -

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