Flute & Satsuma-Biwa

Wil Offermans & Junko Ueda
Voice & Noise - How to Survive in Paradise


1. Voice & Noise (1992)

    * Part 1 8'54"
    * Part 2 3'27"
    * Part 3 5'42"
    * Part 4 5'41"

Junko Ueda, voice, satsuma-biwa
Wil Offermans, flute, bass flute
recorded on April 11 & 12 1992 at the church of Chêne-Pâquier, Switzerland

2. How to Survive in Paradise II (1990) 31'22"

Junko Ueda, voice
Wil Offermans, flute, bass flute, live-electronics
recorded on May 6, 1992 at Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, Holland

All compositions by Wil Offermans
 Japanese singer and performer of satsuma-biwa Junko Ueda has performed all around the globe with Wil Offermans - a Dutch flutist/composer - as the Duo Ueda-Offermans. Combining the seemingly opposite oriental and occidental circumstances, Junko Ueda & Wil Offermans gave their first duo concert in 1988. Out of this unique combination they have developed their compositions and improvisations, exploring the integral time-space between ancient and modern, oriental and occidental. During the last years, the duo has appeared at numerous music festivals (i.e. Musique Action Nancy, Singapore Festival of Arts, Quebec Summer Festival, New Music Festival Middelburg, Musica Contenporena Bogota) and has toured extensively all over the world. After various solo productions, their duo CD titled How to Survive in Paradise was released.


What sounds great live is not necessarily a good record. But it is interesting enough to share it. Especially since the flute got such an important feature on this blog. And watch out what they'll be doing next... And let's see where we are going next, it will be interesting at least...

Hasta la posta proxima!

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