Wire in the city of saz...

Aşıq Ədalət
Telli sazın sehrində


01 - Yanıq Kərəmi
02 - Naxçıvani
03 - Ruhani
04 - Shəmkiri
05 - Bolu muxəmməsi
06 - Misri
07 - Divani
Among many kinds of the Azerbaijan musical traditions the Ashig performing was always the most popular in all regions of Azerbaijan. They use to name it "the art of Saz-n-Word". Just like today guitar or piano at the West, Saz is often the «family instrument» for Azerbaijan inhabitants, even if in the home there are no professional musicians.

Saz is the conventional pinching instrument of the Turkish people. The Ashig performing with Saz accompaniment is the sequence of the extremely emotional singing, poetically rhythmic speech and short phrases of contrasting simplicity. Saz – is a good fellow traveler of Ashig, wherever he is going to: to love date, cheerful holidays, severe fight with an enemy... This factor also determines the variety of the theme range of the Ashig performance.

Frequently young Ashig (literally: "One in love") beats on strings of the Saz and improvises, poetically praising his love. Most successful from these eastern serenades are saved in memory of the nation and are repeated by other Ashigs. This basic element of the Ashig's repertoire makes them related to such characters of western culture as minstrels.

But probably even more popular kind of Ashig performing is a dastan performance – traditional poetry of long ballads, love stories and legends which public performance transforms into multi hour performance and sometimes is carried on for several days. The most known dastans are Ashig Garib, Koroghlu, Asli and Karam, Gachag Nabi, Abbas and Gulgez etc.

Ashig music is perfectly perceived both in solo performance, and in performance by ensemble. It can be heard both in male, and in female performance.
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Nəsibov Ədalət Məhəmmədəli oğlu (Ashiq Adalat) - Ashiq, Honored Art Worker.
Ashiq Adalat was born in 1939, in the Kazakh region.
His father learned to play good. Innate talent of the young age of the face, was invited to məclislərə.
Calgısının love with his talent has been the national poet.
The "Qaytarma", "Baş sarıtel", "Ruhani", "Yanıq Kərəm" and other good havalarının unique performer.
Aşıq Əli was his master.
 Aşıq Əli
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Thanks to Ramin/Shark for introducing me, quite some years ago, to this music, which I love ever since I listened to it for the first time...

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