Songs of the Dodecanese


Songs of Kasos

1. Alenti
2. Voskistikos song
3. Zervos
4. Pathos(passion)
5. Blue Maren

Songs of Karpathos

6. A girl of Elymbos
7. Sousta
8. Lambros katsonis
9. Mantinades

Songs of Rhodes

10. New year Carol
11. Sousta
12. The hundred words of love

Songs of Symi

13. Nanou
14. Bournovalis
15. Koukoumas

Songs of Chalki

16. Swallow song of March 1st
17. Song of dawn
18. Wedding song
19. Sousta
This cd is a reissue of the vinyl records of the Society for the Dissemination of National Music. The version of this cd is dedicated in memory of Simon Karas, who was born in Olympia, the village Lepreo and died in January 1999. The music and songs of this cd, is by Kasos, recordings in the village of Agia Marina Kassos in November 1972. Karpathos Elympos recordings in the village of Karpathos in November 1972. Rhodes, recording in December 1972. Symi, recording music from Symi to Rhodes Town, in December 1972 and Chalki, where the recording was made in December 1972.

tran lation again by go gle ; )

Dodecanese means the twelve islands. These islands were under Italian rule between 1923 and 1944, then under British rule between 1944 and 1947. In 1948 they were finally reunited with Greece. Their music and dance were influenced by the Cretans who immigrated, fleeing from the Turks. Dances from this area include Sirtos, Ballos, Issos, Sirtos and Sousta.


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