Opera in Ukraine

Ukrainian Opera Singing
Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music

01. Quietly over the river (AP Batiuk, S. Cherkasenko) - Elena Slobodyanik, Alexander Taranets
02. Four oxen pass I (b., excl. Anatolskyi-Kos) - Evgeniya Miroshnichenko
03. Oksana and Andrew Duet from the opera "Zaporozhets beyond the Danube" (S.Gulak-Artemovsky) - Zoya Hayday, Ivan Kozlovsky
04. Black Eyebrows (D. Bonkovskyy, arr. Nadenenka F. - K. Dumytrashko) - Valery Bujmister
05. Duet Odarka and Kars from the opera "Zaporozhets beyond the Danube" (S.Gulak-Artemovsky) - Maria Litvinenko-Volgemut, John Patorzhinskogo
06. Jihav Cossack beyond the Danube (Born, LV Beethoven arr) - Valery Bujmister
07. Why do I black eyebrows (born, arr J. Borkowski - T. Shevchenko) - Diana Petrynenko
08. You - my love (G. Zhukovsky - A. Novitsky) - Nikolay Kondratyuk, Vladimir Timokhina
09. Odarka Song from the opera "Zaporozhets beyond the Danube" (S.Gulak-Artemovsky) - Maria Litvinenko-Volgemut
10. Floating boat (Mykola Lysenko - SL. B..) - Mikhail Rakov, Alexander Taranets
11. Nightingale (music and lyrics. M. ML) - Bela Rudenko
12. Zore vechorova (S. Kozak - A. Malyshko) - Alexander Taranets, Vladimir Zarkov
13. Sun nyzen'ko (music and lyrics. Lysenko) - Konstantin Joiner
14. Oh, I will limit Mountains (Kos-Anatolskyi) - Irina Zyabchenko
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The first collection, as you can see, is focused to opera singing. The choice of exactly this theme as the first one may seem rather strange – but only at the first look. For the thing in question here is masterpieces, thus we have to admit: first truly world-wide glory to Ukrainian singing was brought exactly by opera singers, wasn't it? Do not forget that their repertoire was never limited to classic arias only – all of them performed Ukrainian folk songs as well, and caused no less fascination with them. Or even more...


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