Friends at Anogeia village - No 3

Nikiforos Aerakis - Nikos Xilouris
Anogiani parea 3


1. Parapona ts' agapis
a. Pouli ts' avgis min kelaidis
b. Ta vasana mou ine vouna (N. Xilouris)
2. Kontilies tsi nixtas (G. Vitoros, N. Vrentzos, M. Skoulas)
3. Anogiano tragoudi (N. Xilouris)
4. Mes tou Varsamou to nero (N. Aerakis)
5. Skopi tis Pareas
a. Na hamilonan ta vouna
b. Sinefo ginetai o sevntas
c. Egerasa na s' agapo
6. Anogianes kontilies
a. Den exi i agapi sinora
b. Mono ts' agapis o kaimos
c. Skila kai poso itane
(N. Aerakis, G. Vitoros, N. Vrentzos, M. Skoulas)

Giannis Vitoros - Nikos Vrentzos
Giorgis Xilouris - Kostas Xilouris
Miron Skoulas

Listening to live recordings of Cretan music are considered by many as the most direct way to introduce oneself with the way the Cretan people celebrate their joyous events.

Nikiforos Aerakis accompanied by Giorgis Vitoros, Nikos Vrentzos, Kostas Xylouris and Miron Skoulas, give us a unique chance to have a taste of these authentic moments and of the atmosphere and emotions that ‘take over’ the Cretans in such occasions.

Nikiforos Aerakis was born in February 1945 at the village Anogeia, in Rethimnon. He continues to live there with his wife and kids. Over three decades of music recordings and his even lengthier career as a professional musician allows us to include him in the list of the most talented artists of Cretan Music.

Motivated by his instinct and imagination, he has left his mark to the history of Cretan music while it is certain that his music will be remembered in the years to come.
His unconventional presence that sometimes has reached the limits of a soulful primitivism, leads to a musical truthfulness that can only be sensed rather than being understood. Instead of an obvious artistic expedience, his music promotes the simplicity and honesty of what is still pure. Holding on to the memories of the past, Nikiforos Aerakis skillfully reinvents them while keeping alive the same feelings and produces those very sounds that are characteristic of Anogia and the Cretan music.

Perhaps it is nowadays that his art as well as the art of any other artist of his class is needed more than ever. Because we live in times that the world of music is ‘bombarded’ by flat - and most of the times - tasteless versions of old sounds. Any artistic and musical individuality even if it does not follow the standard technical routes, is preferable to a globalized version of bad taste.

Nikiforos Aerakis was born in 1945 in Anoghia (in the Cretan region of Rethymno), where he has lived until today. With his fellow workers and fellow villagers Myron Mavroudis and Vasilis Xylouris, he played for a number of years at local parties and had great success, so much even, that his recorded work gained much praise in Greece and all over the world. He is known for his musical performances and recordings such as "Anoghian Band" and "Of the Anoghian Wedding". Anoghia, also the birth place of the famous Cretan folk music family of Xylouris (Nikos, Antonis and Giorgis), is still a nice villagelike town, where people can be part of parties, such as name days and weddings. Although touristified throughout the years, Anoghia has still kept some of its originality as a Cretan town with people like Nikiforos Aerakis still living and playing music there.
Big thanks friend Kostas for the music :)

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