The Wonderworld of Poltava Songs
Authentic Folklore of Ukraine



01. Be Sorry For Me, My Mother (wedding song)
02. Decorating A Wedding Tree (wedding song)
03. Walking Through The Grainfield
04. Why Are You Not In Blossom, Guelder-Rose
05. Oak In The Wind (wedding song)
06. Look At This Bride, My Mother (wedding song)
07. Medley of Ukrainian melodies
08. Oh, Saturday And Sunday (wedding song)
09. Don't Be Sad, Dear Mother (wedding song)
10. Oh, It's A Long Time Since I Have Been At My Mother's
11. Rise, O Bright Moon
12. Burym Dance
13. When I Go To The Meadow
14. That's How It Is, My Mother
15. Wind From The Mountain (spring song)
16. Don't Shine, O Moon
17. Wind From The Mountain (wedding song)
18. The Cuckoo Bird Has Started Singing
19. Oh, Maple Leaf
20. Hay-Making
21. A Fisherman (after the melody by Isaac Dunayevsky from motion picture "Seekers Of  Happiness")
22. You Are Giving Me In Marriage, My Mother (wedding song)
23. Oh, You Are Rich, Hryhorychku (wedding song)
24. Don't Blame Me, Mother (wedding song)
25. Petrivochka
26. Doves Are Flying And Singing
27. Polka
28. Oh Whose Is That Grass In The Meadow (recruit song)
29. Why Don't You Go Out For A Walk, Halochka (carol)
30. Oh, My Mother, My Little Star (recruit song)
31. There Is A High Burial Mound In The Meadow
As it is known, Poltavshyna is glorified not only by Sorochyntsi and the purest Ukrainian language. This region till now hardly not the richest on folklore songs. The proposed disc is called to show these riches, it is made brightly. Songs are sung by different collectives, but are equally qualitative. By the way, it is necessary to pay attention to work of collective "Drevo" (28, 29, 31). You already could hear its abilities, listening to Olexander Nesterov's album "Contaminated sounds". People which play authentic material whenever possible closer to the original, but pass it through a prism of music education. In this case songs get new paints.



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