Three villages...

Wisła, Istebna, Jabłonków
Muzyka Beskidów


01. Mamko Moja
02. Pytel Mąki
03. Improwizacja Cz.1
04. Poleju, Poleju
05. Boże Mój, Boże Mój,...
06. W Jaworowym Lesie
07. Tryptyk
08. Hop Dana, Dana
09. Doliny, Doliny
10. Improwizacja Cz.2
11. Wyjeżdżej Furmanku
12. Janicziek Trowym Sieczie
13. Leszćiniańsko Polka
14. W Nidzieliczikym Do Kościoła
15. Szumi Dolina
16. Ciymno Nocka
17. Improwizacja Cz.3
18. Hej Ochodzito!
19. Hore Koniakowym
20. Węgierska Suita
Kapela Wałasi i goście

...music from the Silesian Beskids mountain range, near to the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia.

Where is this place?

You could say: Far, far away behind the mountains, behind the endless woods, behind seven rivers - and you would not be wrong because this country truly lies behind hills and forests in the heart of The Beskid Sląski.

Here, on the slopes of "Złoty Groń", "Ochodzita" and "Wawrzaczowy Groń", in the valleys between these beautiful hills are placed Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka called often "The Triple Village".
Istebna, Koniakow and Jaworzynka are summit - placed villages of The Beskid Slaski situated in the south of Cieszyn Silesia. Their common name usually used is The Beskidy Triple Village.

Istebna - the home to local authority - lies around picturesque sunny hill of Złoty Gron in the Olza river - basin.
Koniakow - the highest placed of the three - has its kingdom on the slopes of Ochodzita, the highest hill in this part of the range stretching out east of the community.
Jaworzynka - south - western corner of the Beskid Slaski - is set in the valleys of the rivers Czadeczka and Kreżelka.

Thanks to the climate and rich culture Triple Village have been one of the most attractive  tourist mountain regions of Poland. Istebna and Jaworzynka are the oldest of the three. First mentions are from 1577 (Istebna) and 1649 (Jaworzynka) whereas the village of Koniakow was found in 1712.

Historical researches say, that all three villages were associated with The Duchy of Cieszyn in the times of Silesian Piast Dynasty ruling (up to 1625). Then in 1653 Habsburg dynasty took control over the region to create out of it their profitable property called "Komora Cieszynska".

The process of settling down the region which started in XVth century had two main streams. One from northern flat land of Cieszyn Silesia and the other, much more important, from the south - east Wolosi, nomad shepherds coming from the east of Romania. They used to move west searching new grazing fields reaching eventually green meadows of The Beskidy. Over the years their population mixed with local people and their way of wearing, working and worshiping affected the region life a lot.

The very first settlement in the area was Jasnowice, which name was derived from the religious sect called "Jasnowidze" (clair - voyants) settled down there after escape from religious persecution. The main activity of the citizens then was shepherding which was more profitable than traditional farming. 
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