Musica para guitarras y charango

Quique Sinesi
Cuentos de un pueblo escondido


01. Voces Tempranas: Cuentos, Pt. 1/Das Canciones Para Augusto (2:04)
02. Candombe del Arco Iris (2:55)
03. Canción Hacia Vos (3:26)
04. Tormenta de Ilusión: Cuentos, Pt. 2 (1:37)
05. Contramarea (5:39)
06. Espacio (2:58)
07. Dos Soles (4:38)
08. Despertando de Otro Sueño: Cuentos, Pt. 3 (1:31)
09. Yorugua (3:12)
10. Imágenes Naturales (4:36)
11. El Abrazo (4:57)
12. Alta Paz (5:30)
13. Terruño (3:31)
14. El Colibrí Entre Suspiros: Cuentos, Pt. 4 (2:51)
15. Manantial de Luz (2:25)
16. Berliner Tanguísmos (2:06)
17. Llama Viva (3:23)

Todas las composiciones son de  Quique Sinesi

Quique Sinesi:

Charanga en temas 1,4,8 y 14
Guitarra Española de 7 cuerdas en temas 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13 y 16
Guitarra Piccolo en temas 12 y 17
Guitarra acústica en temas 6, 9 y 15

Grabado en Colonia, Alemania en el año 2001


(...) The music of Quique Sinesi emerges from the very roots of our traditional music. A popular genre that Sinesi rewrites and expands with new concepts and styles, exploring the borders between indigenous tradition and global modernity (...)´.

Cuentos de un Pueblo Escondido is a recording of Sinesi ´pure´ - he performs alone his original works making use of Argentine urban rhythms and combining his jazz improvisation with classical virtuosity. (...)
Quique Sinesi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960.

He is considered one of the most important guitarrists in Argentina for his personal style, his music is based in elements of Tango and Folclore from his country and rhythms from “Rio de la Plata” like Candombe, incorporating elements of jazz, improvisation, classic and world music, using 7 strings Spanish Guitar, Piccolo, Acoustic and Charango.

He played for years with the bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and founded the group Alfombra Mágica with Matias Gonzalez and Horacio López. Some other musicians with whom he has played or recorded are: Enrico Rava, Pedro Aznar, Ruben Rada, Paquito de Rivera, Joe Lovano, Markus Stockhausen, Erling Kroner, Wolfgang Haffner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Michael Forman, Carlos Aguirre, Juan Falú, Karnataka College of Percusion, Dieter Ilg, Jasper Van Hof, Nazim, Daniel Messina, Pablo Ziegler Quintet, to name just a few.

Since 1999 he has played in a regular duo with the legendary saxophonist Charlie Mariano, recording the CD “Tango para Charlie” (enja).

In the year 2000 he started the project “New Tango Duo” with Pablo Ziegler (former pianist of Astor Piazolla) and both invited Walter Castro to join them as special permanent guest.

As soloist he has recorded several CDs and has played in many important international Guitar Festivals. In 2003 he recorded as soloist the Double Concert for Guitar and Bandoneon from Astor Piazzolla with Lothar Henzel and the Symphonic Orchestra from Deutschland Radio Berlin.
With different projects he played in several countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, U. S. A, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Spain, England, Greece, Croatia, The Netherlands, Croatia, Turkey, France

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"One of the many joys of my recent visit in Buenos Aires was meeting and hearing Quique Sinesi. He became -instantly- one of my favorite guitarists." Jim Hall


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