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Carnivals of Brazil
Rio, Recife, Bahia


01. Ecole De Samba-Batucada-Rio
02. Ecole De Samba-Chant-Rio
03. Ecole De Samba-Batucada & Chant-Rio
04. Ecole De Samba-Batucada-Ambiance-Rio
05. Makulele-Danse-Bahia
06. Candomble-Tambours-Bahia
07. Capoeira-Danse-Bahia
08. Samba De Rocla-Danse-Bahia
09. Marakatu-Tambours-Recife
10. Caboclinhos-Dance-Recife
11. Ecole De Samba-Ranchos-Recife
12. Ursos- Danse- Recife


Get ready for Brazil Carnival. Rio de Janeiro is the mother of all Carnival celebrations in Brazil. But there's also much fun in the streets of Recife and Olinda. Decide to follow one of the Trio Eletricos in Salvador de Bahia and you will have a blast. What about Sao Paulo with its every year more popular...

This is recorded live on the streets of these 3 carnival sites, as you can well tell. Although the sound quality sometimes sounds more like an ocean wave than a samba ensemble, you can feel the pulse of the music and the excitement. Hard to get more real than this. Comes complete with whistles, bull horns, and random voices passing the microphone's path.


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