A Moonlit Night...

Dmytro Hnatiuk
A Moonlit Night

01. Ніч така місячна
02. У сусіда хата біла
03. Ой, зійди, зійди, ти, зіронько, та вечірняя
04. Їхав козак за Дунай
05. Якби мені не тиночки
06. Гандзя
07. Ой, ти, дівчино, зарученая
08. Мав я раз дівчиноньку
09. Ой, зелена полонина
10. З сиром пироги
11. Ой, знати, знати
12. Сховалося сонце за горою
13. Пою коні при Дунаю
14. Заграй ми, цигане старий
15. Ой не шуми, луже
16. Чом дуб не зелений
17. Гаю, гаю, зелен розмаю
18. Така її доля
19. Ой, ішов я вулицею раз
20. Гомін, гомін по діброві
21. Пожену я сірі воли
22. Ой, кряче, кряче




 Excellent collection of folk songs performed by the great Ukrainian singer Dmitry Hnatiuk. Most songs contain bandura accompaniment.

Recordings from the archives of the Ukrainian Radio.
It has somehow turned out to be that since childhood I have liked the song “The Moonlit Night” (track 01) very much. That’s why I prefer it to be performed in the best possible way. In this particular case Dmytro Hnatyuk performs it really in the best way. Personally I like it very much. Still one may say the same about this album in general – I like the songs recorded at it, as well as the way they sound, though generally I listen to somewhat different music. May be the music itself, that is, the choice of musical instruments, is not the main thing here. I think, the main thing here is the voice of Dmytro Hnatyuk. There is something in it, some transparent depth, which does not leave you indifferent, so that you feel that the song is performed not formally, as it happens sometimes, but it comes from inside. That’s the reason why it sounds somehow intimately – as if this person himself once composed this song and still remembers why and how it happened. Though, if you take comic songs, here it is quite the other way round. They are sliding somewhere by themselves. This is the impression I’ve got from this disc. At least, for tonight. May be, it is because of the evening, which is quiet and transparent tonight.

Anton Jozhik Lejba (Hedgehog)
Dmytro Hnatyuk

  (Ukrainian: Дмитро́ Миха́йлович Гнатю́к) (born 28 March 1925) is a famous Ukrainian baritone opera singer, and a member of The Supreme Council of Ukraine.


Dmytro Hnatyuk was born on March 28, 1925 in the village of Mamayivtsi, Chernivtsi Oblast (province), Ukraine. He graduated from the Kiev Conservatory in 1951 as an opera and chamber singer.

He was a singer at the Kiev opera and ballet theatre appearing as a soloist in many songs. In 1979, Hnatyuk graduated from the State Institute and of Theatrical Arts as a Director (rezhyser). From 1951 to 1988, he worked as an opera singer and from 1975 also as a director of the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet as well working as a trainer of the National Academic Theatre. In 1988, he became the director of the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Dmytro sang in many operas by Ukrainian and worldwide composers.

Dmytro was also a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from 1998 to 2002. He had been a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union (8th–10th sessions, 1972–1984). Dmytro Hnatyuk was elected the head of the Musical Society of Ukraine, as the head of the Kiyvan Theatrical Society, as a member of the Committee of State Shevchenko Prizes, the Committee of Defense and Peace and others. Member of the Board of the All Ukrainian Fund of Recreating Memorials of the Historical-Architectural Heritage in the name of O. Honchar, a member of the Board of the Fund of Influence of Development of Arts; the Committee “Ukraine-Europe”.


Hnatyuk is a Peoples' Artist of Ukraine, was a People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, an "Academic" of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, and a professor of the Tchaikovsky Music Academy. Most recently, he was awarded with the Hero of Ukraine, the highest decoration of the Ukrainian state.


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