Košíce and surroundings

Folklore Ensemble Železiar
Šej haj zašpeval mi vtaček
Songs of Košíce surroundings

01. Oraľi volečki - Dal mi mili sira
02. A gdova ja gdova - Šej haj zašpeval mi vtaček
03. Už ja vecej taki beťar ňebudzem_ Šag ja sam uznam
04. Ja parobek z Mikoházu_ Hej naco ši naco ši
05. Hej ňet krajšeho mestečka jak ked Košice
06. Chodzel ši kolo nas
07. Hej poslala me švekra - Tancovala bi ja
08. Ked ja sebe z hori dolu zajdzem - V jednin dvore
09. Kamaratko moja
10. Ľudová hudba
11. Dva holubki vodu piju_ Ej či ja ňe dzevečka
12. Sama ši mi dzverečka otvorela ...
13. Stracela ja stracela - Ňever parobkovi
14. Kes ja sebe šedňem - Ja na koňa ňešedňem
15. Uzki pešňik pomedzi uhori
16. Biela košuľenka
17. Hej už idu regruci - Idze verbunk idze
18. Viter veje a dišč ľeje
19. A jaka to preveľika psota
20. Mila moja ňezamikaj dzveri - Oraľi volečki



About us

The folklore ensemble Železiar has been active at the Slovak folklore scene since1964. In its work, the ensemble mostly focuses on interpreting traditional art of the Eastern Slovak regions of Abov, Zemplín, Šariš and Spiš. The ensemble is well-known for its outstanding interpretation of traditional dances, as well as for its excellent orchestra and women’s vocal group. Železiar is one of the finest, most recognised and best-known folklore ensembles in Slovakia.

Železiar was named after a steel-producing company which was constructed in Košice area in the 1960´s and offered job opportunities to many young people from Eastern Slovakia. They brought along their favourite songs, dances and traditions from the regions of Zemplín, Šariš and Spiš. They also brought their enthusiasm to show this cultural heritage to others.

Thanks to artistic directors, the spontaneity and enthusiasm were shortly complemented by a thorough ballet and dance technique preparation. The ensemble soon rose to a professional level. Its successes can be attributed to its artistic directors and choreographers: Imrich Macko, Jozef Janák, brothers Imrich a Jozef Mészáros, Pavol Širák, Jozef Bakšay, Ján Buranovský, Vladimír Urban. Their work has been recognised by many awards at domestic folklore festivals as well as abroad. Železiar was highly honoured also at the most famous folklore festivals – in Dijon (France) and Middlesbrough (United Kingdom). Back home, Železiar has repeatedly won prizes for the best interpretation of folklore dances, competitions of individual choreographies and suites of choreographies. Members of Železiar have become frequent winners at national competitions of soloists- singers, musicians and dancers. The ensemble has presented Slovak traditional culture in more then 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It also holds a Slovak record for the longest folklore performance on stage. The Dance and Song Marathon in autumn of 1997 lasted for 3.5 hours. Thirty danseuses, 25 dancers, 7 musicians and 5 singers presented 43 choreographies.

Throughout its existence, Železiar has presented to its audience a balanced proportion of music, dance and songs. Among a number of performers forming this homogeneous group, the most prominent representatives are its best soloists- dancers, musicians as well as singers. However, it is not just the remarkable interpretation that makes this ensemble so extraordinary. Železiar excels for its fresh dramaturgy, experimental choreography and the capacity to offer unconventional intertwinement of different styles. Wide range of traditional musical instruments is often being used. Železiar presents authentic and genuine-style choreographies comprising original traditional cultural expressions of Eastern Slovakia. Moreover, Železiar is not afraid to use humorous stage stylisations, which stay out from what is conventional and familiar. Železiar knows how to amaze, surprise, raise controversy as well as poetic mood, amuse as well as provoke some tears.

The audience eagerly awaits Železiar´s shows because they always bring something new. But, the bottom line stays the same – a thorough exploration of the most genuine form of traditional culture, its protection, nourishing and dissemination of what is left.

 Our city: Welcome to Košice, the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia. The most important piece of heritage and pride of the city is the Catedral of St. Elizabeth. While walking along the Main Street take a look at the "Singing" fountain in front of the teathre building. Visit the Botanical Gardens (keep approximately 4000 species of natural and specially-bred plants) and the Zoological Gardens of Kavečany (spreading over 278,3 hectares is the largest in Central Europe). The close environs of Košice offer many opportunties for spending leisure time on sport, relaxation or entertainment - at Alpinka (an attraction is children train), Kavečany (the dry toboggan run, well-tended downhill ski slopes and crosscountry ski track), the beach bathing area Nad Jazerom (offers the chance to do water-skiing on the ski-tow) and many more.


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