Voices from the Planet

Ladies of the World
Douze Femmes Pour La Planète



01. Nazare Pereira - Clarao de Lua
02. Lucília do Carmo - Antes Nada Saber
03. Katerina Vlahou - Mia Voskopoula Aghapissai
04. Haydee Alba - Milonga Sentimental
05. Rada Volghanin; Rada Volshaninova - Palso Bylo Vlyublyatsya
06. Jean Redpath - Dumbarton's Drums
07. Sylvie Sivann - Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym
08. Marie-Line Dahomay - Yo
09. Kady Diarra - Noumou - Soumani
10. Beihdja Rahal - Istikhbar: Taraqqab Idhâ Djanna Adhalâmou
11. Sikandar Langa - Chandura
12. Poline - Manureva


  Review by Thom Jurek

Playasound brings together the voices of women artists from around the globe for an enchanting, genre-defying listen to the various music of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Polynesia, and South America. All of the performers here were/are “stars” in their native regions, given to both faithfully interpreting tradition and making their individual nations’ musical heritages interact with other popular sounds. Greece’s Katerina Vlahou's “Mia Voskoupla Aghapissai” walks a line between standard national folk lineages and the mournful yet forbidden sounds of rembetika. Israel's Sylvie Silvann's "Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym” marries antiquated Yiddish music to modern technology and the sounds of cabaret music. Even an ancient Scottish folk song like “Dumbarton’s Drums,” as interpreted by Jean Redpath, marries her plaintive voice to an acoustic guitar rather than drums, fifes, and pipes. Check Poline’s "Manureva,” a traditional Hawaiian song that here intersects with the sounds of '50s country complete with steel guitars. This is a provocative listen as well as an enlightening one.


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