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Water Fantasies
Liszt - Fauré - Chopin - Ravel - Debussy
Eduard Stan, piano


FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886)
01. Les jeux d’eau à la villa d’Este     8:18
02. Au lac de Wallenstadt 3:39
03. Au bord d’une source 4:28
04. “Auf dem Wasser zu singen” (Schubert – Liszt) 4:34
GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845 – 1924)
05. Barcarolle No. 9 in A Minor, op. 101 4:49
06. Barcarolle No. 5 in F sharp Minor, op. 66     7:21
07. Barcarolle No. 3 in G flat Major, op. 42     8:22
08. Barcarolle No. 8 in D flat Major, op. 96     3:49
FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN (1810 – 1849)
09. Prélude in D flat Major, op. 28 No. 15 “Raindrop”     5:20
MAURICE RAVEL (1875 – 1937)
10. Jeux d’eau     6:18

CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862 – 1918)
11. Reflets dans l’eau     5:13
12. Poissons d’or     4:24
13. L’Isle joyeuse 6:43


 “This compilation of nature descriptions by means of the water element has been long overdue: Composers such as Liszt, Fauré, Chopin, Ravel or Debussy have written corresponding works, which the Romanian pianist Eduard Stan renders with a lot of atmosphere.
The enumeration of those composers points to a common style which was basically pursued in France, the impressionism…
Pianist Eduard Stan, a Transylvanian award-winner of various prizes, brings out the sounding stream most subtly. He succeeds in modelling sound values and moods, condensing them to extreme tensions despite his apparent lightness of playing.
In particular, he manages to put the listener into a meaningful relationship with the subject of
water: you listen to a lucidly lapping murmur and flow…”

teb (author), 28 May 2003


„Water Fantasies“ is the motto of this CD which gives a selection of piano works concerning water. Piano music, as it were “inspired by the sound of water and the musical whim of fountains, waterfalls and brooks” (says Ravel about his “Jeux d’eau”) – piano sounds allowing the imagination of the listener to wake with manifold associations: barques, islands, fish…
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