Making Music in the Barn...

Cimbálová Muzika Jaroslava Čecha
Muzicírování ve stodole


01. Počkaj, polesný
02. Zahrjte ně, muziganti, Už sú ty horičky, U studánky seděla, Travěnky zelená
03. Co sem dělala
04. Okolo Hradišťa
05. Kdo umí vařit pěry
06. Pime, chlapci, pime víno
07. Vínečko milé
08. Vínečko, vínečko
09. V nedělu sa napit
10. Už sem já to propil šecko
11. Túku sem na dveři
12. Husar sem já, husar budu
13. Lesti ťa, synečku, hlava bolí, Vyletěla holubinka, Ach, oře, oře, pánů pacholek
14. Už sem sa oženil
15. Ej, hora, hora
16. Som já synek z Orešan
17. Já vjem, čo urobím
18. Páni, páni vojanští páni
19. Pásla děvečka páva
20. Stavaj, stavaj, hoospodářu
21. Proč by koza netrkala
22. To je, Bože, to je
23. Moc je to, moc
24. Hoja sa, hoja sa, nožky moje
25. Ach, bože můj
26. Dyž my do tých hor půjdeme
27. Na tom našem nátoni, Desˇ, holuběnko, létala
28. Plakala, želela
29. Já su synek z Temešváru, Počkaj , milá, Chodí kňaz po dvore
30. Tydyry, tydyry
31. Hudecké z Bílovic
32. V dobrém zme sa zešli



The first album recorded music in 1985 as a very original live recording from the traditional environment dances with music on the threshing floor of the barn of rural elderly man Pipal in Mikovič; two days of spontaneous music-making with dance and choral and solo music before předzpěvováním released the following year by Panton (Making music in the barn, 1986) and re-released on CD in 2000.

 Cimbálová Muzika Jaroslava ČechaCymbal Band Jaroslav Čech

This ensemble is one of the best folk groups in the Czech Republic, playing a unique style of music from a small region of the Czech Republic bordering Slovakia.

The centerpiece of the group is the "cimbal", a traditional instrument of that region that resembles a large hammered dulcimer. This ancient instrument, originally from Persia, underwent many modifications until its present form some 120 years ago by a Budapest instrument builder. Other instruments in the ensemble include fiddle, violin, clarinet, viola, double bass, and a solo singer.

The ensemble has been playing together for almost 40 years. It has received numerous prizes and awards for its performances at national folklore competitions, parades and festivals. It has represented the folk culture of the Czech Republic in many European and Central American countries, and played at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Source material for the group is the published song collection of world renowned compser Leos Janacek as well as manuscripts and songs the ensemble has collected over the years, including some from Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. The group has published a number of CDs and performed on radio and television in the Czech Republic. The rhythm and sound are quite unique. While the principal violinst leads the musicians and sets the rhythm and tempo, the cimbal provides the important background for the overall sound.

Jaroslav Čech
The spiritual father of this ensemble is the legendary cimbal player and ethnographer
Jaroslav Čech (1932 - 1970), a teacher at the Music School for Folk Art in Uherské Hradiště where in 1968 he founded a children's cimbal ensemble. The ensemble accepted his name in order to honor his memory.


Maybe I should say that this record is pure gold... if you know what I mean... : )

in case you want another one, you might try here



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