One, Two, Happy, Ketun Reinon polkka :-)

Jouko Kyhälä

Filip Jers

New Scandinavian Harmonica
Vol. 1


01. Brudmarsch efter familjen Dahl - 3:04
02. Ketun Reinon polkka - 3:32
03. Polska efter J. Bruun - 3:47
04. Gammal marsch från Gustav Vasas tid - 2:40
05. Lyckönskan - 3:11
06. Lorikspolska No. 3 - 2:23
07. Lakeuden Kutsu - 3:00
08. Orpolasten Polska - 3:05
09. Satiaisen Polska - 1:42
10. Polska från Skog - 2:58




Two harmonica professionals, Finnish traditional musician Jouko Kyhälä and Swedish jazz musician Filip Jers, met for the first time in 2011. Both were immediately fascinated by each others playing and they decided to make a co-operation one day.

They got specially excited about the idea of playing traditional music from their home countries with two harmonicas. The challenge of translating the music originally played on fiddle to harmonicas was rousing. From this challenge and the joy of playing together this CD was created.

This recording is a tribute to all great traditional musicians from Sweden and Finland. Especially the harmonica players.

The harmonica is found in many parts of Sweden and Finland. It has been used by traditional musicians for more than a hundred years. Everyone is familiar with this modest instrument, but very few people really know how it was played in the past, and even fewer know how to play it today.

Two of the leading harmonica specialists in Europe, Filip Jers from Sweden and Jouko Kyhälä from Finland have teamed up and formed a Scandinavian power duo. The duo performs traditional music from their home countries: rhythmic polskas, joyfull polkas, melancholy waltzes, schottisch, menuett and beyond. All played on only two harmonicas.

Filip Jers first heard the harmonica being played by his father when he was small child. It made an unforgettable impression on him, and twenty years later he graduated as the first harmonca player ever with jazz master’s degree from Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Jers is a third generation harmonica player, who inherited the tradition from his grandfather. Today Filip is the most in demand jazz harmonica player in Sweden. He performs with various ensembles and often as a special guest with big bands. Jers is also a member of the world music band Stockholm Lisboa Project.

Jouko Kyhälä began playing hammond organ as a teenager in rock bands. However, he soon discovered and fell in love with the harmonica, at which time he began studying traditional music at the Sibelius-Academy. He was the first harmonica player to be awarded a master’s degree from the Folk Music Department. A decade later he became the first Doctor of Arts in harmonica in Finland, perhaps even in Europe as well. Kyhälä is the leader of the internationally known harmonica quartet Sväng, and also plays in several other bands and performs as a solo artist.

In October 2013 these master musicians sat down in Jouko’s countryside studio in Kirkkonummi and recorded their debut cd!


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